5 things tourists hate when traveling with travel agencies

Customers aren’t easy to please, they demand a lot of things and are willing to change the travel agency they were traveling with before. Small details can have a big impact on their decision, so you have to avoid some mistakes that are not so rare on your trip. Here you can find what annoys your customers first handed.

1) Increasing the prices after your tourists already paid for the trip

The price of a service in your package got higher and your airport taxes went up by an additional 6 euros per person. It’s not a problem if you foresaw these possible changes and stated this in the contract, but tourists say it’s really annoying. Sometimes it is better to lower your income in order for your customers to be happy. Alternatively, you can increase the initial price of the package by a few euros if you think that some of the prices could change later, just to avoid this situation.

increasing travel price

2) Non flexible tour guides

If a whole bus is asking for a small change in the trip plan, it’s ok to be flexible. Having unhappy tourists that are not satisfied with your service and/or your willingness to adapt means they will never travel with you again. If you have young tourists that love to party and they ask you to stop in a grocery store before leaving them in the city, do so. It’s not a big favor but it plays a big role in their satisfaction!

3) Changes that weren’t reported (trip plan changed)

Something in the itinerary changed, the plan is to go to a restaurant a day earlier or a day later – that’s ok, but you need to report it to your tourists. They do not like to be surprised after they had already printed out the itinerary. You need to write them an email or send them mobile messages and let them know.

tour plan changed

4) Bus driver being late

Make sure your bus driver or the company that is providing you with the driver is responsible. Travelers love to stick to the given plan and they do not like last minute changes (unless these changes are their idea). Heading out or arriving late is not positive, especially if you have elderly tourists that are not so flexible.

5) The offer wasn’t the same as advertised

Nothing worse that receiving something that you haven’t ordered, is there? The same thing goes for traveling. You advertised your offer as a double use room, but when your tourists got to the hotel they got triple use rooms. This is very bad for your reputation so be careful what you write on the web or itinerary.

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