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Travel agency system – 5 things it must have

In today’s world where technology is zooming forward, things that used to have been done manually are now taken care of by different computer systems. This allows us to use our time more efficiently and get our business on the way. In case you’re the owner or an employee at a travel agency, you definitely

How to optimize a website for search engines

Moving your page up in Google search results has become a science of its own. However, that one place makes a great difference in number of people visiting your website, learning of your company and ending up as your customers. So, how to get there? How to optimize a website for search engines? Search engine

Star Turist travel website gets a makeover

The new website of the Star Turist travel agency has been launched. Please visit www.starturist.hr to see the changes and the fresh new look, guaranteed to provide a better user experience for anyone browsing. Star Turist is a travel agency from Croatia situated in the city of Karlovac. Its offer includes both incoming products, such

How to define different prices based on the number of items

Lemax Software is constantly growing. We have recently discussed our billing types with one of our potential customers and realized that we have missed out on a very important feature. In case you have products that you are selling on a “per item” basis, like skiing lessons, baby cots, parking spaces… you sometimes need to