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10 reasons why you need to quit Excel

In the time of technological developments, there are still companies that have over 100 employees and are managing everything manually, writing on papers or on walls (yes, walls). As a software consultant, I often hear travel companies say “We can do it faster in Excel” or “Excel is really fitting our needs”. But what about

Lemax integration with JacTravel!

Jac Travel is a global 3rd party provider that enables travel agencies and tour operators to directly book and pay for the services wanted. They supply net or commissionable rate hotels to the travel and online industry. Lemax Software is now integrated with Jac Travel through XML and allows travel companies to make reservations directly

Lemax Software connected with TRAVCO

Lemax Software has integrated with Travco! This integration enables you to have a wider offer when you or your customer/partner search for a product. Travco’s inventory can be visible in Lemax back office, your website and your b2b portal! With Travco integration you get real time data for hotels from all around the world that

Lemax Software integration with Tourico Holidays!

Lemax Software has been integrated with Tourico Holidays! This means that you can use the integration to book directly from the back office and see all products coming from Tourico with only a few clicks. Not only does this integration allow Lemax’s customers to book large hotel chains from the back office but it also

Why you should have a responsive travel website

Everyone, including us, is saying that a travel website (portal) has to be responsive. But what does responsive design mean? Responsive design means that a website responds to the device or screen that it’s being viewed on. The site adapts to better accommodate whichever of the screens (PC/laptop, tablet, smartphone or Internet TV) the travel