You Can Now Subscribe to Lemax Software Blog by Email

We have been listening to our audience, and working hard as well, and have added the option to subscribe to the Lemax Software blog by email. This will allow you to receive updates about any new articles published on that day directly to your mailbox, which will make following the news and updates about Lemax Software absolutely easy. Of course, no articles means no emails for you.

We have found that some people do not use the RSS feeds that are perfect and intended to keep up with news on blogs easily. However, we do not want to deny these people the option to actually follow our company and keep up with the news and development. We are using an awesome component called Feedburner, owned by Google, in order to provide email subscription services. This component helps our feeds get across to people all over the world easily.

What do you say? Want to follow Lemax Software using your mailbox? Just subscribe using the tool in the right sidebar, or by using the form below:

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