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The ultimate buyer persona in the travel industry: Millennials

They are poised to change the economy, but what do we know about millennials and their spending and travel habits? And even more, why should travel companies crave them as customers? If you’re working in a travel agency, one of your main goals is to increase sales. Well, one of the ways to achieve that

How are the Chinese making their impact on tourism?

Today, traveling has become more reachable than ever before. Affordable prices, creative packages and in the end, digital platforms have all had their part in motivating people to explore the world now more than ever. One group of travelers stands out very strongly in this story. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about the Chinese. Even

Sell flight tickets more efficiently with a Lemax-integrated flight booking system

Booking flights efficiently and in a cost-effective way has always presented an issue because of various third-party airline supplier systems and the internal knowledge needed to find and deliver the best flight offer to each client. Lemax has created a new flights booking module which serves as an effective tool for improving the flight selling process. Stay ahead of the competition and find out more details in our new blog post.

Which costs should you think about when attending a fair as a tour operator?

  You are planning to visit a fair (maybe the upcoming WTM in London or similar), or go as an exhibitor there, rent a booth and promote your travel business. There are some costs you need to think about, especially if you’re going to another country. Here is a list of things you should take

Toughest problems that a new destination brings to your tourists

Things that tourists experience when they travel to a destination from your latest offer are very important. They are the ones that will give you feedback and tell you things that you couldn’t have predicted. Here are a few things that can make their experience great or less great. 1. Quality of service When looking at services you have