Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Lead

  • Full time
  • Zagreb office

With ambitious growth plans for 2022 and beyond, we are seeking a Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Lead to help drive our talent attraction process, and bring business value through selecting game changing talent. 

Why is this an opportunity for you?

In Lemax, we recognize the importance of having great talents and the impact of smart hiring decisions to business results.  Current employees point out the quality of their colleagues as a main ingredient for Lemax’s success and their job satisfaction.

Within this role you will have an opportunity to:

  • Have a direct impact on our business results through driving Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding activities
  • Be an expert lead for all Talent Acquisition activities
  • Gain experience and learn about SaaS (Software as a Service) industry as the one of the most profitable industries worldwide
  • Lead an international talent expansion in Lemax
  • Work with experienced professionals in Talent Acquisition 

What will you do?

  • Identifying the organization’s talent needs and create hiring plans
  • Working closely with key business stakeholders to create and implement an efficient Talent acquisition strategy
  • Design, plan and execute Employer Branding initiatives 
  • Coordinate Employer branding activities with key stakeholders (Marketing team,  PR experts, employees involved…)
  • Ensure the execution of hiring plans through coordination of all activities from end to end process (from ‘need’ to ‘offer’)
  • Stand alone leading various recruitment processes (conduct interviews to qualify top candidates)
  • Drive and execute sourcing activities, recruitment marketing,  candidate assessment (interviewing, testing…)
  • In future expansion, lead recruitment activities for international offices 
  • Provide consultative advice to our Hiring Leads helping them to drive their hiring processes, bring talent into their team and ensure there is consistency in how we acquire talent at Lemax
  • Developing a highly-skilled Talent Acquisition professionals
  • Driving active inclusion of current employees into Talent Acquisition activities 
  • Ensure we build a great candidate experience
  • Promote the company’s brand through various activities (media, conferences, events….)
  • Track and report talent acquisition metrics
  • Continuous improvement of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding processes and techniques 

And what about the requirements?

In describing the requirements for this role, let’s focus on the results rather than the previous experience,  skill set & personality traits.

Here are some of the expected results on this position:

  • Successful execution and achievement of hiring targets – hiring plans are defined on a year level, and fine tuned on a quarterly level. It consists of various levels and roles across the organization, and also the roles which we are defining for the first time in the organization. 
  • Stand alone assessment of senior candidates
  • Successful execution of All Employer branding activities
  • Increase conversion rate from ‘potential candidates’ to ‘interviews’ (numbers to be shared in the recruitment process)
  • Successful execution  of Employer branding strategy (goals and targets to be shared in recruitment process) 
  • Stand alone coordination of internal stakeholders in Talent Acquisition process and external partners

And now it is time for you to make your assessment of your experience, knowledge and skills and to evaluate your readiness for the role 🙂


Values are something that can be ‘felt’ every day. They provide a guideline for our behaviors and business decisions. 

They are also a primary way to decide if we are the perfect fit. 

Listed below are our main values so check out how it links to your values. 

  • We strive to improve each day → we continuously increase our knowledge and skills, first by admitting the mistakes, talking openly about them, doing the retrospectives, analyzing our approach, and giving and taking feedback…
  • Quality is never an accident → Being the guardian of quality standards is the only way to go, no matter how hard it is.   
  • ‘No limits’ attitude → We strive to be the company that writes history in the travel tech domain on a world level. It takes courage, dedication, and hard work. 
  • Being humble but ambitious → There is no room for ego and for individuals who pursue their gains without considering a team and company gain.  
  • There is always a solution → problems are an integral part of each business. ‘Can do’ mindset helps us to move the boundaries and to solve problems that sometimes seemed impossible to solve 
  • Mentoring & knowledge sharing is the best way to learn.  
  • We create an opportunity for you to have an impact and leave your mark. This will boost your personal development and career opportunities, but only if you are the one having focus and navigating throughout your development.