How to Create Tour Itineraries in a Few Minutes and Sell More Travel Packages

For agencies that are not using travel software, creating itineraries is a time-consuming process in which travel representatives constantly have to repeat the same actions. Create stunning itineraries with just one click.

Sell flight tickets more efficiently with a Lemax-integrated flight booking system

Booking flights efficiently and in a cost-effective way has always presented an issue because of various third-party airline supplier systems and the internal knowledge needed to find and deliver the best flight offer to each client. Lemax has created a new flights booking module which serves as an effective tool for improving the flight selling process. Stay ahead of the competition and find out more details in our new blog post.

Create beautiful travel product itineraries that will convert more customers

More than 12% of visitors have said that the lack of clear and complete product descriptions is the reason why they close the window. Take this advice, start today and make your products the star of your website, as they should be! Name your products and use adjectives Step one is to come up with

5 tips on improving your cooperation with suppliers

A good relationship with suppliers is a pretty important thing in travel agency business. Suppliers are one of the most important links in your travel business chain. To have a good and reliable supplier in every destination that you are working at or for any services you provide is priceless. Your life will become a

How to define different prices based on the number of items

Lemax Software is constantly growing. We have recently discussed our billing types with one of our potential customers and realized that we have missed out on a very important feature. In case you have products that you are selling on a “per item” basis, like skiing lessons, baby cots, parking spaces… you sometimes need to