Indibleu: gained efficiency, automation, flexibility and responsiveness – doubled the volume of managed bookings with less manpower

Company type:DMC
Company location:Mauritius

If we were to handle the number of bookings we had when we started without the software, we would have a minimum of three people. At that time, we had one person managing that with software. We almost doubled the volume of the business in the following year and we only needed to add 50% time of one extra person.

Robert Ambroise
Robert Ambroise
Managing Director, Mauritius

Challenge: manage all inquiries with a small team and better collaboration with suppliers

Indibleuis a Destination Management Company from Mauritius, establishedin2016. Owned and captained by Robert Ambroise, who has more than 28 years of senior management experience with leading DMCs in Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. When Robert decided to establish a company, he knew that he wanted the best technology to support business operations and deliver his clients the best experience.

Indibleu is collaborating with numerous tour operators and hotels worldwide (such as the UK, Germany, China, US, etc.). Their forward-thinking team believes in the impact of new digital technologies and how much it can improve their collaboration efficiency. They needed a few things for this purpose:

  • to be able to unify in one central place all rates, contracts, and special offers to create quotes easily,
  • use automation and triggers – when they make a booking, their partners should instantly get notified with all details.

One of their core values is believing in their people, and they cherish the practical truth that “People who feel good bout themselves, produce outstanding results”. This is why they wanted also to use technology to help them do the operational tasks quickly and efficiently. Considering that they started with only 5 people, it was essential to make it fast and simple for them, but also provide the flexibility to do the job where and when needed and make sure they will have enough of their personal time.

Solution: gained efficiency, automation, flexibility, and responsiveness

Robert gathered five vendors on his list to talk to, but what he liked about Lemax from their first talk is that they were the only ones who truly understood his business and his specific needs. The process was very smooth and quick, and the implementation team was very collaborative, helping them use the product in the best way possible to become efficient quickly.

“You know, when you talk to someone, it’s very easy to know if they understand our business. Other vendors to whom I talked to, put all the DMCs in the same box, like one-size-fits-all from the product perspective, while Lemax understood how different we were and therefore could find the right approach to the solution for us.”

With all rates, contracts, and special offers in one place, they can easily create quotes, be responsive and quick.

The quality and reliability of the system are crucial. They were mistake-free since using Lemax, bringing great experience and collaboration to their partners. Automation and triggers help them be much more efficient while collaborating with hotels and other partners; as the booking is made, they automatically get all the data from Indibleu.

“We are considered a small company with8 employees, and when people look at the volume of work we do, they are amazed. Quality and reliability is very important. In the 4 years of using Lemax for bookings, I don’t remember of any instance where there has been an issue with bookings! This is extraordinary and amazing for both our Partners (2 of which are quoted on the NASDAQ) and Accommodation Providers.”

As the Covid-19pandemic started, they could continue their work from home. Operations were getting regular automatic updates; invoices were available; quotes could be done easily, so none of the processes suffered. This was also beneficial for their partners all over the world, who got fast responses anytime. Implementing an online B2B portal was super beneficial for them also to improve collaboration with their partners, and they used the Covid-19 situation to improve these processes also.

There are 8 employees at the moment, and they are very serious about their CO2 footprint, trying to be paperless in their business and use recycled materials. By using a web-based cloud solution, everything is available online!

Impact: doubled the volume of managed bookings with less manpower, mistake-free and supporting sustainability

Getting Lemax was crucial to save resources, optimize processes, boost revenue, and increase market share!

  • Indibleu gained speed and efficiency – instead of three people, one person could handle the number of bookings they had when they kickstarted in 2016. The reservation process is fully automated, avoiding duplicated tasks.
  • They added only 50% of one additional person’s time when they doubled the number of bookings in the following year.
  • All the offers, contracts, and prices are in one place, updated and centralized – quick quote creation, more volume, more revenue.
  • They got precision and speed for finances – instead of days, they spent a max of three hours per month to work on invoices at the end of the month.
  • There are no mistakes with bookings toward hotels. This is extraordinary and amazing for both their Partners (2 of which are quoted on the NASDAQ) and Accommodation Providers.
  • Flexibility – equally efficient anywhere – clients don’t wait for replies; the team can work from home.
  • Supporting sustainability – reducing paper consumption as everything is in the cloud.

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