Sell flight tickets more efficiently with a Lemax-integrated flight booking system

Booking flights efficiently and in a cost-effective way has always presented an issue because of various third-party airline supplier systems and the internal knowledge needed to find and deliver the best flight offer to each client. Lemax has created a new flights booking module which serves as an effective tool for improving the flight selling process. Stay ahead of the competition and find out more details in our new blog post.

Lemax Software integration with Hotelbeds

What is Hotelbeds? Hotelbedsis a global 3rd party provider that enables travel agencies and tour operators to directly book and pay for the services wanted. It combines hotels all around the world in one place. Lemax Software is integrated with Hotelbeds through their API and allows travel companies to book and make reservations directly out

Why to use back office system for Amadeus flight tickets

If your travel company is selling flight tickets, then using an integrated back office system for Amadeus flight tickets can save you time, centralize all your data and gain added business value such as reports and better controlling mechanism. Here are all the benefits you can gain from using the Amadeus integrated back office system: