How to increase efficiency in the travel agency reservation process?

Losing a prospective client (or more than one) because of the use of an inefficient work system seems unacceptable and yet, many travel companies can recognize themselves in this situation. Tourism as an industry is rapidly growing each day, and that itself includes the growth of travel agencies and tour operators and their volume of

Tour operator system vs. Excel

In the time of technological developments, there are still companies that have over 100 employees and are managing everything manually, writing on papers or on walls (yes, walls). As a software consultant, I often hear travel companies say “We can do it faster in Excel” or “Excel is really fitting our needs”. But what about

Tracking customers/suppliers e-mails from the travel software through communication module

What do you get by having software that supports mail communication? What does the communication look like then? Read our blog and find out more about communication centralization and travel software that supports it as well as its features. Key features: connect Gmail, Outlook or any other e-mail service with the software (e-mail centralization) connect

What sources can you rely on when making booking software decisions

What is the best way to find out useful information about product/service you want to buy? And what you should pay attention to when making a final purchase decision? We are giving you the answers to the questions below. Vendor-authored materials If a booking software vendor offers you different materials that can help you be

Free trial for travel itinerary software: Why it is a must

Have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to buy a software and see its features but you couldn’t find quality content about it? It may happen that the manual for using it isn’t written clear enough or the company didn’t write it at all. Furthermore, you cannot be sure whether to trust