4 Things Developers Value in a Product Company

From our company’s point of view, we can say there are several main motivators that a product company offers to developers and their professional growth. These fundamentals make the team productive and are their main drivers. 

Developers in a Product Company Don’t Have to Be Jacks of all Trades – You Can Master One

Working in a product company means that you can focus your mind. In Lemax, it means one industry, one product, and one product development team. 

You can focus on and own the product or component you are working on – from the initial concepts through the entire product development process and lifecycle, including the numerous improvement cycles. You take pride in the parts you did well; you cope with the other parts and try to improve them. To maintain the quality of one large product, everyone needs to know which part they are working on, focusing on, and perfecting. 

What’s important to state is that you never switch urgently in terms of technology; it’s more like controlled motion. You focus on technologies that are the product’s base, and everything new can only lean on that foundation.

Of course, over time, new technologies emerge, and they answer the company’s challenges more easily than some previously did. Although you will not always use something new and trendy, you’ll always be able to integrate something when it supports the product better. 

In a Product Company, in the Battle Between Speed and Quality, Quality Always Wins

Building a product requires thinking long-term. A ‘just deliver’ mindset won’t work. The standard of quality needs to be enhanced and maintained constantly. Any problems that arise during the product development process will surely reappear later on down the road.

That’s why product companies usually use and test different tools, methodologies, and organizational structures – all in favor of keeping the team and product on point.

Even if some circumstances require speed, product companies will always try to make it possible to regain quality afterward. This kind of thinking makes developers stay intrinsically motivated.

Given the size of the product development, the same product development team won’t work on it over its entire lifetime. There is always the legacy you’re inheriting and one that you’re creating for somebody who’ll take it over in the future. Realizing that getting a good product depends on somebody else’s approach to quality motivates you to approach with the same level of responsibility.

Building a Product is Like a Long-Distance Road Trip; It Will Take You to Good Places

The product in a product company is built to last. And it has a significant impact on clients’ business. Everything you create or change leaves a mark.

Stay awake and focus on the road while driving, and you’ll be closer to your dream destination. Sometimes that means you’ll see some final result after a year or more, but if you like thinking long-term, you’ll have a chance to see a bigger impact and results.

Lemax’s goal is to transform the travel industry by digitizing clients’ business processes worldwide. Our developers have the opportunity to be part of that. They know how our product can help accomplish client objectives, and our clients rely on it.

Developers in a product company like Lemax

For Developers in a Product Company, Impact and Exposure Are Fuels for Growth

Industry and product niche is always something to consider when thinking about working in a product company. Although Lemax is a tech company, it is also a part of the travel industry – a fast-growing domain with tremendous opportunities and potential. The industry in a state of rapid digitalization, such as tourism, offers a great possibility and boost for learning, success, and impact.

Working on a product means working on complex problems. To solve them, you’ll need to understand the industry, client’s business, process, business analysis, and communication flow and expand your problem-solving mindset. Often you’ll go beyond technical skills. 

Also, admitting and talking about mistakes, gaining knowledge, and developing ideas and plans to improve is the healthiest base for scaling. Product companies are fearless in changing product development processes and ways of doing things if something proves unsuccessful. The learning curve in a product company is constantly present. 

No Matter Seniority, Product Company Can Give you Great Knowledge and Experience

For those just starting their career path, a product company provides an environment where you can learn from a big team of people working in the same direction and for the same objective. Even if the end aim is the same, each person has a niche they are an expert in, allowing new people to learn precisely and thoroughly from them.

Those who have a proven track record have an opportunity to create standards for how things should be done (both considering ownership and responsibilities on a project).  Also, senior experts can suggest improvements, challenge themselves and the team, and guide the organization and the product as closely as possible to its long-term objectives. 

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