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Travel Products

Lemax lets you easily create and manage travel products. Use travel components to create complex travel packages and groups, book flight tickets directly and use third-party suppliers to book accommodation, transfers and activities.

Easily add travel products

Add travel products such as accommodation, packages, entrance tickets, excursions and other activities, transfers, rent-a-car, vessels and cruises.

Create appealing descriptions

Reach global customers with multilingual product and destination descriptions. Upload multiple photos at once for all of travel products. Use our web API to publish all products on your website.

Define prices

Upload and manage complex price lists, cancellation rules, children policies and special promotions. Enter additional services and supplement rates.

Track inventory

Add available inventory to the system and stay on track with allocations and easily change the number of available units or seats at any time.

Create tours and packages

Create a package or tour by combining different travel components previously created in Lemax. It saves time by calculating the price of a tour or package using proprietary components.

Create departures

A charter flight or bus can be added to a charter tour and linked to accommodation with just a few mouse clicks. Create multiple charter flight or bus departures and share them among different tours.

Calculate prices

Lemax will calculate net prices based on tour costs (accommodation, charter bus or flight, transfer, tour guide and tickets). Add a margin to define the selling price for adults or children.

Track available seats

Use different reports to track available charter flight or bus seats and use the information to make the sales process more efficient.

Organise rooming, bus and flight lists

Organise departures and arrivals of passengers. Create rooming, transfer, flight and bus lists.

Check tour profitability

Lemax provides better insight into the profitability of each tour. Upload supplier invoices to get accurate profitability reports for each tour.

Improve group management efficiency

Save time using Lemax to completely manage your group travel process from itinerary creation to full reporting of each group’s profitability.

Create itinerary

Easily create a group itinerary by combining Lemax’s predefined travel components. Photos and descriptions are extracted automatically. Change or add any product at any time.

Calculate price and send quotes

Lemax’s software calculates the total group price based on the number of persons in the group. Create and send beautiful, multilingual, fully customized travel itineraries along with photos and descriptions.

Manage bus and flight seats

Manage seat allocation for each group using a simple drag-and-drop option. Then export the list into a Word or Excel file and send it via email.

Order services from suppliers

Create and email inquiries and confirmations to supplier. Handle additional service requests by exporting reports on extra services ordered.

Organise rooming, bus and flight lists

Organise passenger departures and arrivals. Create rooming, transfer, flight and bus lists.

Check group profitability

Lemax provides better insight into the profitability of each group. Upload supplier invoices to get accurate profitability reports for each group.

Let suppliers manage their products

The Business to Supplier (B2S) module enables you to provide suppliers with online access to manage their own products. Suppliers can manage the products you buy from them, and provide you and your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The Supplier extranet module enables suppliers to update their product’s descriptions, photos, and price lists. Once the supplier changes the price list, updated prices are automatically used when creating new reservations. Suppliers can also upload their latest special deals and packages making your offer instantly more competitive.

Book directly from third party suppliers

Expand your supplier network with seamless integrations such as Galileo and HotelBeds. Book Galileo flights directly from the Lemax interface and save your time as there is no need to retype tickets from other systems – discover benefits

The module is a huge time saver as the entire range of products from all suppliers are present at any one time on the Lemax product search interface, so logging into each supplier’s system is not necessary. Extend your product offerings, receive live availabilities and prices, and book flights directly from different suppliers.

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