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Why Should a CEO of a Tour Operator Care About Digitalization?

The travel trade industry is becoming more and more complicated over the years. There are so many steps that need to be taken to organize just one trip. With years of experience in the travel technology industry, we talked to numerous prospects and clients about the amount of time and effort it takes for the

The Biggest Winners and Losers in Travel Industry in 2021

While some industries such as gaming and streaming services have emerged as absolute winners, the travel industry is one of the biggest losers of the pandemic crisis. But not all travel business types have been hit the same. Learn which sectors are winners and which losers in this blog.

Will Luxury Travel Segment Bounce Back First?

The luxury segment is a synonym for travelers with higher purchasing power and individual and personal experiences, supporting socially distant behavior even before the pandemic. The first data shows it will be the one that’ll bounce back the fastest!