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Automating business process, part 1: Operations

As a software consultant for travel agencies and tour operators, I noticed that most of my interlocutors have a similar way of communicating with their suppliers. With an inventory full of products and a large number of incoming inquiries, communication with suppliers requires fast reactions. In order to create a quote, you need to take

Increase sales in your travel agency by following up with your leads

Losing passengers because of your competitors? Do you think you lose your sales because your competitors have better prices? Or because they work with lower margins? Are your sales representatives complaining about their customers – that they want something other than what you offer, that your prices are too high or that they found a

Travel agency and tour operator tips and best practices

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3 key steps on maintaining customer loyalty

How can we successfully define customer loyalty in today’s over consumeristic world? Could we define it as an award provided to the customers for buying/using some product or brand? Does it make sense to do so in the modern age that we all cohabitate in? Basically, numbers are showing that people today use loyalty cards

Digital vs. Traditional marketing in tourism industry

What type of marketing is your company currently using? Are you aware of the benefits of digital and traditional marketing in the tourism industry? Today, the business volume of tourism equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, food products or automobiles. All of this has made marketing even more important regarding the successful and

Eliminate manual communication processes with customers and suppliers

Today, in the era of digitalization and automatization, a large number of travel companies still operate on outdated (usually manual) systems, without even knowing there are ways in which they can upgrade their workflow, and therefore increase their efficiency and reduce time-loss. Whether we’re talking about customers or suppliers, communication presents a crucial step in