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Advantages of Tracking Supplier Invoices in Travel System

One of the greatest problems tour operators face is figuring out how much they are earning on every single tour (given the fact that they have no way of knowing the real expenses upfront and no way to compare them to the income of the tour). One way of tackling this problem is by making

Will Luxury Travel Segment Bounce Back First?

Pandemic hit the luxury travel segment in 2020 as much as it did all others. However, the first data shows it will be the one that’ll bounce back the fastest! And it comes as no surprise. The luxury segment is a synonym for travelers with higher purchasing power and individual and personal experiences, supporting socially distant behavior even before the pandemic.

Digital Marketing for Travel Agency During Post-Covid Rebound: Five Key Steps

Doing digital marketing for travel agency and tour operator companies in the “old normal” times was challenging and complex work that many have not been doing on a satisfactory level, let alone since the pandemic has turned over our whole worlds. If you too are aware that your travel business needs to step up the game and be more present in the digital space, but you have no idea where to even start, you should read this blog post.

Is Travel Coming Back Soon? Looks Like It Is!

Despite many challenges the world is still facing, the data we collected shows the beginning of global tourism recovery! Only four months ago, the future was uncertain – there were still no vaccines approved. Today, the future finally looks much brighter.