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Improve efficiency with automatic ordering process and communication with your suppliers

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Lemax lets you easily manage your ordering process, track inventory, centralize communication with your suppliers, assign drivers and guides and create rooming, transfer, flight and bus lists.

Ensure service delivery

Stop using Excel files and use our operations module to ensure all passengers get services they ordered. View all booked services and products at a central place. Quickly find unconfirmed reservations.

Organise rooming, bus and flight lists

Organise departures and arrivals of your passengers. Create rooming, transfer, flight and bus lists.

Order services from suppliers

With our built-in Operations module, you can easily create and email supplier inquiries and supplier confirmations. Handle additional service requests by exporting report of extra services ordered.

Fully automate service ordering

Improve efficiency and reduce your costs with your operations workflow completely automated. Everything happens in the background, no manual work involved!

  • Web inquiry
  • Availability request
  • Availability feedback
  • Quoting customer
  • Customer payment
  • Invoicing customer
  • Confirmation to supplier

Automate inquiries to suppliers

Lemax automatically sends mail inquiries to your suppliers. Suppliers are able to select YES/NO link and confirm the availability of the services they are providing.

Automate quotation sending

Upon receiving availability info from your suppliers, Lemax automatically sends quotes and itineraries to your customers.

Automate supplier confirmations

Upon receiving online/offline payments from your customers Lemax automatically sends invoices and vouchers to your customers and confirmations to your suppliers.

Improve communication with suppliers

Centralize communication with your suppliers

Use our powerful 2-way email communication to successfully communicate with your suppliers. Communication from your standard mail application can be synced in Lemax. Browse through centralized mail communication history of each reservation or customer.

Order additional inventory on time

Get detailed information about number of rooms left, flight/bus seats left. Order additional inventory when needed. Avoid overbooking situations easily.

Assign drivers/guides

Use our operations module to assign drivers, guides or vehicles to specific reservations. Get a quick overview of reservations with no drivers/guides assigned.

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