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Lemax software allows us to be time-wise more efficient, we do less mistakes and we can focus more on the content and connections to our advisers and spend less time on doing administration.

Mattej Valenčič
Mattej Valenčič
General Managing Partner, Luxury Slovenia

From the early days of the partnership, Lemax has been impacting Luxury Slovenia’s business by automation of their processes.

By automating their core operations, Lemax reduces the time spent on administration and manual work. This allows space for creative ideas that give extra value to their Customers and Partners, and more focus on the long-term future of their company and its growth.

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Lemax support team are well versed on travel and implementation was a huge pleasure dealing with such a dedicated, knowledgeable team who find solutions on our behalf for every permutation.

We were blown away and still are by Mate and his team. Loading of the system is easy and logic. The software is user friendly and effective.

Elaine Durr
Elaine Durr
Operations Director, World Leisure Holidays, South Africa

World Leisure holidays uses Lemax to manage their sales process and sell individual travel services and packages offline and online.

All invoices and payments are automatically synced with their accounting system and all reservations are automatically confirmed with suppliers.

  The Perfect Wave

Using the product over a year now I can clearly see the benefits, especially using Lemax for FITs now shows it’s strong side. Cloud a.k.a. “anytime everywhere” is something I like the most about this software. And we love the people working for Lemax.

Oliver Riefler
Oliver Riefler
Founder, SETT Worldwide, Germany

Sett successfully manages group travel with Lemax. They sell and manage operations for medium-size and large groups with ease.

Since using Lemax, they have increased efficiency and Sett’s employees are more satisfied due to eliminating monkey jobs that they previously had to do.

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Before we started using Lemax, we were already using a system, but it was lacking some features, was old and was not updated anymore. Lemax team helped us to migrate to Lemax which was a crucial process for the whole company.

Two things that are very important to me are the software updates, I like that new things and modules are added contentiously to the system. When we started working with Lemax, it had less features, but still it was our first choice.

The second thing that is important to me, but even more important to my team, is the support! My team of 45 people is the one who is working with the system every day for 8 hours per day. Lemax support was great during the adaptation period and helped us with all inquiries.

Pavle Markovic
Pavle Markovic
Managing Director, Ban Tours, Croatia

Bantours started with Lemax in 2009 requiring a solution to a major problem – centralizing data from branch offices and synchronizing reservation data with their own accounting system.

Today, they also use the system to sell accommodation, transfers and flight tickets to corporate customers, with additional assistance in the form of corporate reports available to their sales agents.

Ban tours Codan Consulting Globtour Event Obriy Inc. Plan A

Lemax is flexible on different reports. It helped us to manage all of our bookings and clients at one place. We saved a lot of time and the support team helped us a lot with their friendly approach.

Claudia Aguirre
Claudia Aguirre
Vice President, Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, Florida, USA

Luxury Lifestyle vacations use Lemax to communicate with customers, sell their entire range of vacation packages online and receive reports on all products and services sold.

Lemax helps them increase cash flow by automating the billing process and reminding customers of each installment to be paid.

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