A Short Introduction to Lemax

Hi there! You’ve stumbled upon Lemax, software for tour operators and DMCs – welcome! It’s really nice to see you here.

We suppose you’re trying to find out what we actually do. Are we a product IT company or SaaS? And to what extent is Lemax connected to tourism?

Continue reading to find out more about Lemax and its product.

Lemax – A Product IT Company

Lemax is a Croatian product company with its headquarters in Zagreb and a branch office in Osijek. Today, we proudly count 80+ experts from the IT and travel industries whose sole focus is developing a single product – Lemax software. Lemax travel software is a B2B web-based software designed specifically for mid to large-sized tour operators and DMCs. As such, it can’t be defined solely as a CRM, an ERP, a reservation system, or a sales tool.

It’s a complex software solution defined as vertical SaaS, which solves niche-specific problems for the multi-day tour segment within the travel industry. Our product isn’t for the masses but solves a specific set of issues for our clients on a very detailed level. It’s an all-in-one solution, a platform of the highest importance for our client’s business.

Lemax Software for Tour Operators and DMCs – How It Works

Imagine a travel company specializing in a specific destination, such as Thailand. This company will organize trips to Thailand – they will secure accommodation, flight tickets, transportation, and all the activities during your trip. Such a company is like a one-stop shop for anyone traveling to Thailand. The business flow of such a company is rather complex.

The process starts with the Procurement department and negotiations with hotels, airlines, carriers, tour guides, national parks, museums, restaurants, etc. Pricing and commercial conditions are then centralized in Inventory management. Inventory management is led through a centralized Product catalog.

Everything contracted above is sold by the Sales department, and their main goal is to give potential customers the best possible experience in Thailand. They search their Product catalog via an internal search engine that automatically calculates prices according to dates and other specific conditions. Based on all the gathered information, they make reservations and create offers.

Some companies have a separate segment of preparation for sales called Production. This is the part of the process where everything contracted with suppliers in procurement is prepared for sale. Steps taken include markup, availability checking, defining cancellation conditions, commission, etc.

After the trip is sold, the following department executes the traveling plan and program. Operations contact hotels for their travelers’ arrival, organize transfers from the airport and confirm availability with tour guides.

At the end of the process comes billing. Finances take care of payments, liquidating accounts, checks, invoices, and monitoring through Finance & Accounting.

This closed supply chain is the foundation of business. All the previously mentioned processes require efficiency, automation, consistency, quality, and accuracy. Instead of using excel, Word, or different mutually not connected tools for each segment, the company uses Lemax to help them in each aspect of their business.

Additionally, Lemax can be connected to the travel company’s website. That way, it enables the live online search of the Product catalog and booking to the end-user, i.e., the traveler. It can also be connected to other systems like Bedbanks, Channel Managers, Payment Gateway, Itinerary builders, or other ERP/SCMs.

Lemax Software for Tour Operators and DMCs – More Than Software

Lemax is more than just travel software. Our main goal is to transform the travel industry from its foundations. It is still one of the least digitalized industries in the world, albeit one of the largest ones. We aim to introduce digital transformation to travel companies worldwide with Lemax software. And this is Lemax – in short.

If anything you read piqued your interest, feel free to contact us!

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