Lemax Time Away: Sabbatical Leave as an Employee Benefit

sabbatical leave

By the end of 2023, we introduced a new employee benefit at Lemax called “Lemax Time Away—Sabbatical Leave.” This benefit is designed to enable Lemax employees who have been part of the team for a longer period to take extended time away from work in addition to their annual vacation.

An employee can apply for this benefit after five years of experience in Lemax (student experience is also included if the employee worked as a student before switching to an employment contract), and the Time Away period is up to two months. During that period, employees remain registered for pension and health insurance at the employer’s expense. Also, the current right to use other employee benefits remains.

This offers an excellent opportunity for personal reset and can significantly contribute to our employees’ well-being and overall quality of life. The reasons for taking this extended leave can vary—from pursuing personal goals, education, or family needs to simply having time for yourself.

While this benefit is still new to our team, we have already seen positive results and impact.

Ana, one of our employees, graciously shared her experience with us:

“I recently started a journey that many dream of but few have the opportunity to experience—a sabbatical. After six years of dedication at Lemax and 13 years on the job market, I felt the need for a pause. Unlike the common perception of sabbaticals filled with travel or extraordinary activities, mine was a simple search for personal space and time.”

Keep reading to hear Ana’s experience firsthand!

The Decision

Life keeps us busy. From childhood ambitions to adult responsibilities, it felt like life was dragging me along its predetermined path. I wanted to hit the pause button; I wanted to see if I was still on track to living the life I want.

Deciding on a sabbatical leave wasn’t about fleeing work for me; it was about creating space to breathe, reflect, and grow, reaffirming my belief in the power of taking intentional breaks for personal development. Also, this decision did not happen overnight – it took me several months to decide that a sabbatical was something I wanted in my life and career.

The Sabbatical Itself

My sabbatical leave was a mix of quiet moments, small personal achievements, and the luxury of time. Also, I didn’t travel to far-off lands or jump on adrenaline-filled adventures. Instead, I revisited the Croatian National Library, where I immersed myself in learning like during my university days. I balanced my time between personal projects, a bit of travel, pilates, and running, and joy in the simplicity of cooking and sharing meals with loved ones.

The most important thing for me was to simply enjoy moments of stillness. This wasn’t a story of transformation but one of subtle, meaningful shifts in perspective.


Lemax Support

The process of taking this time off was made seamless by the understanding and support of my colleagues at Lemax. From initial conversations with my manager to discussing plans with my team, every step was met with understanding. Choosing the less busy months for my sabbatical meant minimal disruption to our business and an easier transition for my team and me.

Coming back felt like the first day of school, filled with a mix of anticipation and excitement. My colleagues’ welcoming note on my desk was a simple yet touching gesture that truly made me feel at home.

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After returning to the office, I am still in a new state of mind—and I like it. My approach to work has evolved; I achieve the same, if not better, results, but with a newfound satisfaction in myself. This has led me to be more supportive of my colleagues around me.

Lemax’s support in this break speaks volumes about the culture I am part of — a culture that values listening to and supporting its employees’ needs.

And for those contemplating a sabbatical, remember, it’s a path worth exploring. It offers a unique opportunity to step back, recalibrate, and return with a new perspective not just on work but on life itself. Know that at work, it’s not just about your work but also about the person you’re becoming.