Lemax’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Lemax Tribe corporate social responsibility

One of our core values is “We Care to Care”.

We all revolve around one product with one mission in mind. That is why we genuinely care – about each other and our clients. In this context, it’s crucial for us to run our business ethically and responsibly. Our commitment to the broader community through CSR activities has naturally evolved.

What Is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that involves ethical and responsible business practices that extend beyond profit generation. It involves company practices that benefit communities, promote sustainability, and align with social and environmental goals. CSR activities include donating to causes, being eco-friendly, treating employees well, and supporting local communities.

Partnerships for a Better Community

corporate social responsibility at lemax community

We actively seek partnerships with non-profit organizations every year, aligning our efforts with their expertise and networks. We can do more to support our community by teaming up with them. This collaborative approach enhances our reach in supporting the community, encompassing financial assistance and volunteers to make positive changes.

This year, one of the events where we could express our support financially and in the form of organizational assistance from our employees is the annual Sports Games in Remetinec. This event takes place very close to our office, which is why we are easily connected with this occasion; after all, it’s our close neighborhood!

This non-profit event gathers children from all over Zagreb for a full day of playing various sports. We believe that engaging in sports competitions and fostering teamwork are skills that benefit our children, and we want to be a part of promoting such events.

Also, this year, we asked our developers to celebrate Programmer’s Day by sharing their knowledge with younger generations. In collaboration with St. Klara Elementary School, a few of our employees, through interactive presentations, showed what developers do and the activities they can practice at their age to prepare for a career in IT one day. However, we understand that everything doesn’t have to be too serious at this age, so we also had fun and learned from each other through games.

Supporting Good Causes Together

salt day at lemax

Knowledge and expertise are drivers of numerous activities in the community. Still, it is also essential to help those in need and get involved in providing support, and raising awareness about corporate social responsibility.

For that occasion, we organize The Sweet Day every year. The principle is simple: if you are skilled in baking sweets and want to showcase your creations to your colleagues, you bring your creations on The Sweet Day, and the rest of the team “buys” your treats. The funds collected are donations to our partner organizations.

Starting this year, we also have The Salt Day, following the same principle, but our employees have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing savory treats. Through a joint vote, we choose which organization and humanitarian goal to donate our funds to, allowing everyone to participate and suggest how they want to improve our environment – embracing corporate social responsibility.

In 2022, we had the opportunity to finance an action by the “Ljudi za Ljude” organization, which used our funds to provide firewood for older people in the earthquake-affected area of Glina. 

This year, we have raised funds for the “Mali Zmaj” organization, which helps a network of over 500 children in Croatia through its activities. Here, we are incredibly grateful to be a part of “Mali Zmaj” partners because their impact goes beyond financial help. They use resources to organize various workshops for children and parents, allowing them to discover their full potential without being limited by their financial situation.

Also, this year, we had the opportunity to donate books to a children’s library in Sisak. To make this an opportunity for everyone to contribute in their authentic way again, every employee had the chance to bring books they thought would keep a piece of knowledge and stories that enrich the lives of the young on the library shelves.

These CSR activities are a great example of how you can bring employees together and, at the same time, positively impact the outside and help someone.

Empowering Women: Lemax ICT Supergirls

lemax ict supergirls

Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the ICT industry, we’ve taken proactive steps to inspire, support, and empower women to pursue careers in this field through the ICT Supergirls program. This is part of the global initiative “ITU’s Girls in ICT Day,” traditionally celebrated in April worldwide. Despite early interest, girls often lose interest in STEM fields due to gender-based stereotypes, making it crucial to challenge these beliefs early on. 

With our efforts, from 2015 till this year, we have impacted over 1,500 girls and young women in Croatia. The program offers mentorship opportunities, where experienced women in the ICT industry mentor and inspire young girls interested in pursuing ICT careers. These mentors provide advice, share their experiences, and offer support and encouragement to help girls navigate their educational and professional journeys in the field. Lemax ICT Supergirls also organizes workshops, events, and educational programs to engage young women and introduce them to the exciting possibilities within the ICT industry.

The most fulfilling result is seeing the women we’ve encouraged to alter their professional choices and eventually return to the conference as speakers. This is a true testament to the value of our efforts.

You can read our dedicated blog to learn more about Lemax ICT Supergirls.

Knowledge Sharing: Lemax Product&Tech Talks

lemax prodzct and tech talks

It all began in 2020, driven by the desire to broaden knowledge horizons and connect with experts facing similar challenges. We wanted to talk about technology and look at how we can improve the way we make products. We started by inviting a smaller chosen group of experts and, through the years, expanded it to broader open events. 

Lemax Product&Tech Talks are engaging and educational events that serve as a platform for experienced developers, product managers, and industry experts to come together and share their knowledge, experiences, and insights in developing IT products and solutions.

Talks are organized periodically throughout the year – every quarter. While under one umbrella, most Talks are tailored to each group individually (Product, Tech), enabling them to connect with their peers and discuss specific topics. Individual Talks can cover various topics – from highly technical demands and soft skills development to tackling business challenges. As the topics vary, the formats include lectures, workshops, panel discussions, open table talks, and networking-focused gatherings.

This serves primarily mid and senior professionals working hands-on in operational tasks, focusing on strategizing solutions and refining practices. 

Each Talk gathers a community of 30-50 people, where we have some familiar faces, but what makes us especially happy is that we are often joined by new members, thus expanding our community.

Discover the Product&Tech Talks and get involved in this community!

CSR Team for Lasting Impact

Lemax’s corporate social responsibility strategy is built on the principle that genuine care goes beyond financial contributions. We are committed to creating a lasting impact through CSR activities, and doing it collaboratively – whether it’s mentoring young individuals, engaging in local initiatives, building new communities, or baking cakes for a good cause. We believe the key to success is having a team actively participating in such activities. At Lemax, it’s having a team of responsible, ethical, and simply good people.