Luxury Slovenia: automated their core operations and reduced time spent on administration – a better experience for their Customers and Partners

Company type:DMC
Company location:Slovenia

We wanted to be quick and efficient. We needed to answer our travel agents the same day, so we searched for a technology that would enable us to do so. Lemax allows us to be more efficient, make fewer mistakes, spend less time on administration, and focus more on the content and connections to our advisers.

Mattej Valencic
Mattej Valencic
Founding Partner, Slovenia

Challenge: having a clear pipeline overview and eliminating manual work and errors

As a provider of premium quality, luxury tailor-made travel experiences, Luxury Slovenia DMC offers unrivaled service and advice to their clients on the most appropriate travel options to suit their needs. We talked with Luxury Slovenia’s co-founders and General Managing Partners, Mattej Valencic and Matej Knific.

They did not have a clear overview of their sales and operations pipeline, making it challenging to drive the business strategy and achieve their goals. When it came to Sales, they’ve used several different tools. This included a lot of manual work, retyping, and possible mistakes. The lack of automation made them less efficient in everyday work and impacted their products’ profitability.

On the operations side, they did everything manually. The supplier communication was time-consuming and prone to errors. This way of work put a lot of unnecessary stress on their employees, and it made it hard for them to achieve their desired goal of replying to their customers in less than 24 hours.

They started looking for a solution that would digitalize and automate their processes, enabling them to work much faster and, more importantly, become more customer-focused and leverage the data they have for future growth.

Solution: covering all core processes with one software

Luxury Slovenia opted for the complete Lemax solution that would cover their core processes from Accommodation, Tours, Transfers, to B2B and B2C offline sales, mail communication, etc. They also chose Automated Actions, which would enable them to automate many activities that needed human intervention resulting in faster communication with Suppliers and Customers.

Mattej emphasized how much they liked the itinerary builder. Being in the luxury segment especially, the ability to create customized and beautifully designed itineraries is crucial. The itinerary and its appearance can be the differentiator you need to win a deal with the offer you make.

On the other hand, Matej sees the payment link as his favorite feature. He says that many would see this as a basic feature, but not him. From his standpoint, the crucial thing is that everything happens automatically from the minute the client confirms the offer. Once the payment goes through, the status is automatically updated on the reservation inside Lemax. It saves them a significant amount of time; they don’t need to check manually, several times a day, which payments have and which have not been processed.

“The payment link is sent to the client, and everything after that happens automatically. All the sensitive data is not shared with us; it stays on the client’s or card payment processor’s side.” Matej Knific, Founding Partner @ Luxury Slovenia

This directly impacts their cash flow, efficiency and the number of mistakes allowing them to focus on answering new inquires by decreasing the amount of manual administration.

Impact: automated core operations – greater focus on better customer experience

Business overview Lemax provides them with is a big significant benefit and of great value to them. They can look into the sales and operations pipeline at any given point and see the status of their inquiries, reservations, and bookings. They have a clear understanding of what is selling well.

“It’s essential for us to have the entire business overview in one place – sales, operations, finance and controlling.” Matej Knific, Founding Partner @ Luxury Slovenia

Lemax enables data-driven decision-making that enhanced Luxury Slovenia’s processes and contributes to the further expansion of their business.

  • They see great value in having a centralized product database. Lemax makes it possible for them to enter each service or product only once in the system. This can later be used across the whole software – in itineraries, in offers or other stage of the operations.
  • Luxury Slovenia significantly reduced human mistakes derived from previous needs to keep multiple records and retype or rewrite content and prices.
  • Another benefit they noted, amidst the current global situation caused by the pandemic, is having their business stored on the cloud, accessible via web browser anywhere.

“Lemax software allows us to be more efficient, make fewer mistakes, spend less time on administration, and focus more on the content and connections to our advisers.” Mattej Valencic, Founding Partner @ Luxury Slovenia

By automating the core operations, Lemax reduces the time spent on administration and manual work. This allows space for creative ideas that give extra value to their customers and partners, and lets them focus on their company’s long-term plans and growth.

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