Intour Maldives: 5x quicker with automation and having all the data in one travel platform

Company type:Tour Operator
Company location:Maldives

We see Lemax as the all-in-one system which can help to improve our business. The automation of the procedures is a great capability. If properly fed, we are 4-5x quicker than we were doing before.

Hamza Saeed
Hamza Saeed
Director of Product &Contracting, Maldives

Challenge: connectivity and downtime issues with an in-house system

Intour Maldives is the leading wholesale tour operator in the Maldives for luxury travel specials with more than 20 years of experience. We talked to Hamza Saeed, Director of Product &Contracting at Intour Maldives, who explained their challenges and what they achieved after implementing Lemax.

They were using an in-house system, but they wanted to switch to the web-based solutionto a system that launches updates regularly; as Hamza stated, they wanted to do their work online. They had a solution based on a local server. They often had connectivity and downtime issues, so they wanted to eliminate that and get a reliable, future-proof solution.

Solution: web-based solution – available anywhere with all products inside

Having a solution deployed on a local server brought them lots of connectivity and downtime issues; that is something Intour Maldives managed to solve with Lemax as it is a web-based travel tech solution. Hamza stated that the most significant advantages of using Lemax are less downtime and the possibility to use the software anywhere, anytime if you have login credentials.

The Maldives were closed in March-May 2020due to the Covid-19, and considering that is the high season, they had a vast cancellation load at that time. The system supported them to control cancellations and how they manage them.

Hamza said that a switch from the in-house solution to a professional system where they usually get support in a couple of hours and knowing that they have a system that runs smoothly had helped them a lot.

Impact: 4-5x quicker with automation and having all the data in one platform

Speaking of the most significant advantages of using Lemax, he stated a few things. Hamza emphasized that they can do a lot of things within one window; for example, with a booking, they can generate invoices, vouchers, and all needed documents, which can easily be adjusted with custom fields.

“The whole process is transformed and improved. If you search for a property, you can easily see the availability depending on how we feed the system. I also like”one-touch” confirmations and cancellations. The automation of the procedures is a great capability. If properly fed, we are 4-5x quicker than we were doing before.” Hamza Saeed, Director of Product & Contracting

In general, they were growing somewhere between 40-60%; the system brought easiness to their processes and partially impacted the revenue uplift.

Operations are another area where they see significant improvement. As they have to do many transfers, organize lots of “meet and greet”, and having it all in one place helps us work as a team and operate smooth operations. They see it as an all-in-one system that can help to improve their business.

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Lemax’s detailed and professional approach has been impressive

It has been a pleasure working with Lemax. Their detailed and professional approach during the sales and implementation process has been impressive and reassuring. We look forward to our teams working on the system and the positive impact it will have on our business.
Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson

Product Manager
Singita, South Africa

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