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Lemax helps you nurture your passengers, automatically send travel info and receive customer feedback, automate resell process, use latest web marketing tools and start your loyalty program.

Lead nurturing

Develop relationship with your leads (passengers) at every stage of your sales process. Automate series of tailored emails to nurture your passengers and increase inquiry to booking conversion rate.

Automatic customer feedback

Get valuable feedback from your customers so that you can improve your offer and services. Surveys are automatically sent to each passenger as soon as specific travel finishes.

Automatic travel info

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by sending them useful info about travel products and destination. Emails are tailored and sent to each individual passenger few days before the travel.

Newsletter integration

All customers and passengers are automatically synced with your Mailchimp newsletter software so that you can email them about latest news and promotions.

Automate reselling

Increase bookings by offering your existing customers the latest products they might be interested in.

Lemax helps you to increase engagement with your existing customers by automatically sending them product offers similar to their purchase history.

Increase bookings with automate reselling module

Web marketing tools

Use latest web marketing tools to increase the traffic numbers and the value from your website visitors.

Product descriptions

Reach global customers with multilingual product and destination descriptions. Upload multiple photos at once for all of travel products. Use our web API to publish all products on your website.

SEO functionalities

Create user friendly URL’s. Fill in descriptions and titles for better Google ranking. This helps you achieve better Google ranking positions.

Customer reviews

Let your passengers give feedback about the products so you get a social proof for other passengers. Lemax is integrated with Yotpo customer review platform.

Promotions and coupon code

Increase your sales by providing your customers with attractive prices. Give them free night special offers, early booking discounts or last minute offers. Create coupon codes and attract new customers.

Web Inquiry form

Avoid manually retyping all general travel request to the system. Use this feature to store all info about the travel inquiry and customer in Lemax and start creating the quote immediately.

Social media integration

Use the option of sharing travel products from your website to the different social media platforms and broaden your market reach.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration

By integrating your website with Google and Facebook advertising platforms, you’ll be able to retarget your website visitors to realize additional bookings.

Create similar audiences from your best performing website traffic segments so you can run highly targeted marketing campaigns on them.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration

Loyalty program

Start your own loyalty program to reward customers who frequently make purchases. With loyalty system in place you can give incite your customers to make even more purchases.

Your passengers earn points for each booking made and are able to redeem points on the next purchase. You can set up how much each point is worth and can exclude some product

Travel agency loyalty program solution

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