Lemax organized 4th ICT Supergirls event

ICT Supergirls speakers

For the fourth time in Croatia, Lemax has organized an event ICT Supergirls as a part of the world initiative Girls in ICT Day . This event was created to empower and encourage both girls and women to recognize the variety of possibilities in the ICT industry. ICT Supergirls 2018 took place on April 25th in the Technology Park in Zagreb, with more than 150 enthusiastic high-school pupils, college graduates and business women.

Nataša Kapov Kostovski, the conceptual creator and co-organiser of the event, had some important notes on the matter of women empowerment in ICT sector. „We’ve wanted to make a strong point to women that working in the ICT sector is not a ‘men’s only’ world and that everyone working in this sector could create successful careers, no matter the formal education provided to them. We’ve also wanted to send out a message of encouragement to all women, focusing on the fact that success is possible if we believe in ourselves. That being said, it is essential to surround yourself with positive role models. Find other successful women from which you can learn and expand, and have them as support along the way.

Successful women from Lemax have also created a mentorship program called You can do IT, with the mission to help other women get acquainted with the possibilities and challenges of the business world, especially within the IT industry. This program will allow all interested parties access to valuable information as well as an ideal chance to expand their horizon. Women of all age groups are welcome, and it is no surprise that participants of the event showed great interest in applying.

In the first part of the event, four successful women from Lemax shared their life stories. In that part, we found out how Danijela Poštić, Ana Vuković and Gorana Lambaša changed their careers and discovered their love for IT, while Gordana Seničić Hanžek explained how IT is much more than programming since her job is in consulting.

The second part of the event was focused on four talented, successful and innovative women, both entrepreneurs and motivational speakers. Kata Barišić, Ivana Matić, Đurđica Orepić and Maja Blumenšajn gave us valuable insights into the ups and downs in their career paths, as well as some important tips.

The end of this amazing event was followed by a stand-up show, where all the participants enjoyed laughs by Croatian stand-up comedians Marina Orsag and Goran Vinčić from Studio Smijeha, while the entire event was followed by various sponsor prizes and casual networking.

The atmosphere that was present can perfectly be described by a statement of one of the participants: “It was very touching, motivating and inspirational. In short, exactly what I needed – proof that anything is possible.”

ICT Supergirls lectures