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Software for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and DMCs

Automate the entire workflow – with suppliers, partners, and travelers. Speed up sales and booking journey to deliver a better experience and increase revenue.

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How Lemax Can Transform Your Travel Business

Lemax Platform offers solutions for different teams and processes to help you achieve your goals faster, provide better experiences, and maximize business results.

  • Centralized Product Inventory

    Eliminate spreadsheets, mistakes, and manual cost calculations - all products unified in one central location

  • Booking and Sales Automation

    Automate booking journeys and pricing efficiencies - do more in less time and increase revenue

  • Package Builder and Operations

    Ensure the profitability of your products - effortlessly create, publish, sell, and deliver unique tour packages

  • Unified CRM

    Strengthen your customer and supplier relationships and accelerate sales

  • Centralized Communication

    Simplify collaboration and deliver a personalized experience, and enable a two-way email system to track history

  • Ultimate Workflow Automation

    Automate your travel business processes and automatically trigger actions with no manual work.

The Ultimate Workflow Automation with Clients and Suppliers

Speed up bookings and increase revenue by automating your travel business processes with automatically triggered actions such as:

  • asking suppliers for availability
  • instantly getting confirmations
  • sending documents to customers
  • sending payment reminders
  • automating engagement follow-ups
  • generating itineraries and sending them to customers.

Everything happens in the background, with no manual work!

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With Improved Efficiency, Manage More in Less Time and Increase Revenue

increase revenue travel software

Ensure profitability and increase sales

Speed up processes and manage more inquiries. Deliver unique tours and increase product visibility.

increase efficiency travel software

Enhance efficiency and save resources

Spend less time on administration and eliminate manual work. Focus on personalized offers and experience.

better relationships travel software

Reliability to build strong relationships

Eliminate mistakes and become reliable for suppliers and customers – build stronger long-term relationships.

lemax benefits returning customer

Deliver amazing experiences

Focus less on processes and more on building creative offers. Get more returning customers.

Get a future-proof, innovative solution with regular seamless updates and an expert team that will support your success!


Connect with Third-Party Suppliers

Expand your supplier network with seamless integrations such as Galileo and HotelBeds. Extend your product offerings, receive live availabilities and prices, and book flights directly from different suppliers.

lemax travel integrations

Expand Your Selling Channels

lemax api travel tech

Online Booking API

Create your internet booking engine using our WEB API for online publishing products and services.

Once your UI is ready and connected to API, it pulls product details of the entire product inventory to enable booking for end users.

lemax xml out product distribution

Product Distribution

Distribute your products to your B2B partners via XML OUT connection. Expose your inventory live, eliminate manual work.

Partners can book products from your catalogues by directly connecting them to their system or booking engine.

lemax b2b portal

Branded B2B Portal

Branded internet booking engine that enables your B2B partners to book online products and services.

Provide a user-friendly UI for your partners to log in, search, find prices and availability, and book products.

All of the updates we saw show Lemax is listening their customers

Lemax is fantastic in handling packages that are sold to FIT customers. All of the updates and improvements that we saw last year on group calculations are very promising for the future; they showed how Lemax is listening and tackling the challenges we had.
Kristjan Gunnarsson
Kristjan Gunnarsson

CTO & Business Development
Tour Operator, Iceland

The all-in-one system which can help to improve our business – 5x quicker

We see Lemax as the all-in-one system which can help to improve our business. If you search for a property, you can easily see the availability depending on how we feed the system. The automation of the procedures is a great capability. If properly fed, we are 4-5x quicker than we were doing before.
Hamza Saeed
Hamza Saeed

Director of Product & Contracting
Intour Maldives, Maldives

Lemax brings high level of automation

What has really been a game-changer for Asian Trails since day one is the ability to have a competent counterpart who understands our requirements. We chose Lemax, as one of the reasons, for a high level of automation - auto-confirmations to suppliers, auto-invoices, auto-itineraries, you name it!
Marcel Grifoll
Marcel Grifoll

Group CFO
Asian Trails, Bangkok, Thailand

Another member of our team that can actually do more than five people

My Costa Rica can now produce itineraries 3x faster and we had an increase in revenue of 35% since started using Lemax! It’s a great comprehensive platform that allows you to do all different things, not just itineraries, managing products and partners, analyzing revenue, but much more.
Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman

General Manager
My Costa Rica, Costa Rica

We have a reservation system that we can trust again!

From the start, we were working together as partners with the same goal. The ability for us to customize areas of the system allowed us to adapt as things changed and to manage the process in the system on both sides of the world removing the need for spreadsheets and emails bouncing back and forth.
Hannah-Jane Ellery
Hannah-Jane Ellery

Group Project Manager
The Albatross Group, UK, AU

No.8 Tours grew the number of sold tours by 43% since using Lemax

Lemax allowed us to add more tours, which had a direct impact on our business by ensuring additional revenue. With a 43% increase in the number of tours, our profit has grown by 20% since using Lemax. We were safe to invest in increasing not only the total number but also the quality of our tours.
Andy Somerville
Andy Somerville

Co-founder and CEO
No.8 Tours, New Zealand

Using Lemax for FITs now shows it’s strong side

Using the product over a year now I can clearly see the benefits, especially using Lemax for FITs now shows it's strong side. Cloud a.k.a. "anytime everywhere" is something I like the most about this software. And we love the people working for Lemax.
Oliver Riefler
Oliver Riefler

SETT Worldwide, Germany

User friendly. Effective. With a dedicated support team!

Lemax support team are well versed in travel and implementation was a huge pleasure dealing with such a dedicated, knowledgeable team who find solutions on our behalf for every permutation. Loading of the system is easy and logical. The software is user-friendly and effective.
Elaine Durr
Elaine Durr

Operations Director
World Leisure Holidays, South Africa

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