Currencies, currencies…

We are still working hard in Lemax to make your tourism business run smoothly. We have another improvement for all our users (and future users!). Lemax Software normally supports multiple currencies, that function based on the exchange rate that you put into your system. For some of our clients we have developed systems that do this automatically, but some of them still want to keep their own exchange rate.

We have also always delivered the system with all the currencies that our clients required, from EUR to JPY, from HRK to GBP. However, we would set this up in the setup process, and not rarely would we get a question to our support: “Can you please add this currency, can you please remove that currency…” So, we decided to make the interface that will allow clients to set up their own currency list. Great job by the developers!

Adding currencies

Adding a currency in Lemax Software is easy. It is necessary to use the Options menu and the Exchange rate item. This will take you to the old interface which allows you to work with your exchange rate, but with a new addition to the system: the Add currency button.

Lemax Software - Add new currency button

This button will allow you to add a new currency into the system. It opens up a new window for adding the currency, as in the photo below:

Lemax Software - Add new currency window

When defining a new currency you need to select from a drop down list “Inactive currencies” containing all the currencies in the world in their three letter abbreviations. You also need to enter an initial exchange rate for this currency in points. This is used for transformation between certain currencies in the system. Once you click OK, the currency is enabled in the system, and will be visible when you make a price list, make a reservation…

Removing a currency

You think adding a currency was quick and simple? Removing one from the system is even easier! When you use the Options menu and the Exchange rate item, you will get a list of all currencies currently active in your Lemax Software application. By clicking the X button in the far right column, your currency will be deactivated.

However, this will not affect anything you have done previously. So, if you have bookings in EUR, and choose to deactivate EUR, you will have no problem. everything previously done will remain in EUR, with converion being allowed and calculations being accurate. The only thing you will not be allowed to do is to add new bookings or price lists in EUR, as it had been deactivated. See? Simple!


We are doing our best to make the system as customizable as possible. So, that you can set up anything the way you want it, after all, you are the one using our product as a tour operator software or travel agency software. So, why not be able to set things up the way you like?