How to extend your B2B network

How to extend your B2B network

It is no big exclusive news that your business relationship with partners is very important especially when we are talking about B2B clients. But before building relationships with them you have to find them, whether you are searching for new suppliers, customers or other partners to make a good and perspective B2B network. Along the way, some partners will withdraw for this or that reason and you have to be prepared to replace them very quickly and effectively. Or if you are looking for more profit (and who isn’t?!) then you should keep your eyes open and extend your B2B network.

Market researching and processing

According to your business prospects and planning, you are probably targeting markets that are of your biggest interest. Take time and effort for good market researching, from global economic situation to smallest tourism and travel details of the new market. Connect with your new B2B partners by contacting them directly or thru some other business contact. Come up with a good business strategy on how to connect with them, how to start work, and how to make a profit.


Fairs are excellent places where you can meet lots of “partners to be” in a short time. So prepare for the fair that you planned to attend, make a list of potential partners and try to arrange meetings with them in advance. Leave a good impression, good feedback after the fair and start working.

Business contacts are important in tourism

Attend as many workshops as you are invited to

You have been invited to many workshops, some of them are more useful for your business and some of them are not so useful. But we suggest you to attend as many workshops as possible because there you can meet many potential partners. Workshops are even better to connect with new partners than big fairs and events because they are organized for smaller groups of participants and usually contain many social events and gatherings where you can start your business relationship.

Social Networks

Find your new partners and connect with them thru many different social networks. In these days everybody is trying to be present and active on as many social networks as possible, so that is a good place to start gathering information and contacts. They will also appreciate if you follow them and support online.

Be part of some Global Travel Management

This is a certain way to connect with many new partners and even start to share and work on some major projects, international bids, tenders etc. Being a part of some GTM is a big strategy decision and you have to make a lot of research and preparation for it, but when you do that and become a part of some GTM, a whole new world of connections, partners and business opens up.

In the end, remember that, even though making new business contacts and B2B partners is important, what is even more important is the fact that you need to actually honor your obligations to them and work hard on making the business connection work. Making a new B2B partner is just the tip of the iceberg, keeping one is something that really requires hard and honest work.

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