Need a job? We’re hiring 5 new individuals!

If you want to work in a friendly atmosphere, dynamic environment and a learning culture where it’s desirable to interact with each other, share knowledge and experience, you’re on the right place!

Who we are?

A young team of 25 unique individuals that are experts in fields of computer science, business administration and design, keeping over 200 of clients satisfied every day. We all are a team and we create, advise, educate, train, provide and implement integrated comprehensive solutions for electronic business based on information technologies (our software product for travel agencies: Lemax).

Who are we looking for?

We hire passionate young people that have a high degree of responsibility, love what they do and are not afraid of challenges. If that’s you, continue reading!

Software developers, Management lovers and Informatics “freaks”, this is jour time to shine!

We have 5 open positions you can apply for:

1) Quality assurance assistant

2) Senior developer

3) Junior developer

4) Post-sale implementation assistant

5) Microsoft System Administrator

Join our team

What are the responsibilities?

All details and descriptions you can find under our Careers and jobs section!

What are we offering?

If you’re looking for an energetic, challenging and innovative work environment, you’re on the right track!

Working on challenging projects each day and making contacts all over the world is something that a young individual needs in order to improve his skills and gain experience, we know! Giving every employee the opportunity to add a personal piece in the most amazing puzzle of the business world is our goal.

Get to know us better and click About us or Work and life section, and you will see what kind of individuals we are.

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