What sources can you rely on when making booking software decisions

What sources can you rely on when making booking software decisions

What is the best way to find out useful information about product/service you want to buy? And what you should pay attention to when making a final purchase decision? We are giving you the answers to the questions below.

Vendor-authored materials

If a booking software vendor offers you different materials that can help you be more efficient, that means he has dedicated someone in his company to help you and your travel company achieve more. It’s not just about selling, but also about helping the customer.

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are publications in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices. They usually explain one travel processes or another, give travel advice and are generally educational. Ebooks can be short or long, it depends on the subject.


2. Blog posts

Blog posts are shorter stories that can also be useful for travel business. After reading a blog post, you have to know something you didn’t know before. A blog often ends with a link to an ebook, where you can find more details about the subject.

3. Manuals

Manuals are really important because, without them, you could (for example) fail to enter your services into the booking software. This can help your employees with any doubts they might have.

4. Case studies

A case study is a descriptive, exploratory or explanatory analysis of a vendor’s customer. Real examples are taken and you can see which problems some company had and how the booking software solved them.

Media articles

Whether the articles are online articles or newspaper articles, the importance is the same. If others are writing articles about this company, it means they are worthy and respected. It means they are making an effort to stand out and to be present on the market in the long-term. Also, it means they want people to recognize them which helps them recruit the best possible employees that will continue developing and expanding the travel software.

media articles


The effort of a salesperson really makes a difference when deciding to make a purchase. There is nothing worse than communicating with a salesperson that never replies to your emails, or is always late with responses, never follows up with you and never asks you if you need additional help. This is not responsible and is unacceptable, and it gets even worse if the emails are made using generic (robotic) templates instead of being personalized.

Customer references

If the software vendor has lots of references – this speaks for itself. Especially if they work on a global market, selling all around the world. It means the company is easy to adjust, professional with their customers and reliable. You can always ask for a reference, or see references on their website.


Word of mouth

Hearing about a company most likely means that they have empowered their brand awareness and are respected in the society. If you somehow heard of some travel software, whether through social media, some discussion on some forum, or whatever else, it means that people feel that this software is worthy of taking their time to say or write something about it!


This is probably the best way to find out first hand what the software is all about. Personalized contact can help you a lot when making such an important decision.

customers reviews

Online reviews of the booking software

Online reviews can increase your comfort level and re-affirm your buying decision. This is great because you can see some pros and cons of a software and see which parts are important to you and which you can live without.

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