People & Culture Generalist

  • Zagreb office

Lemax is a product company driven by the ambition to empower travel businesses worldwide. With our SaaS solution, we are impacting how travel companies operate. By digitizing their businesses, automating manual processes, and enhancing the entire customer journey, we are strategic partners to our clients, providing them with core business solutions.

Our team consists of 100+ people in our offices in Zagreb and Osijek. By joining Lemax, you will have the opportunity to be a part of this ambitious mission and work alongside experts with extensive domain knowledge, as well as genuinely good people.

We are now strengthening our People & Culture team with an HR expert role with the aim to boost team efficiency for complex projects and relieve current team members. We are seeking a dedicated person to independently lead and manage various HR projects across different HR areas. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Talent Acquisition activities:

    • Lead end-to-end selection processes
    • Design and execute Talent Attraction initiatives
    • Enhance specific parts of the selection process
  • Employer Branding activities:

    • Lead and coordinate various initiatives, such as community networking events, recruitment marketing activities, career blog writing, employee advocacy programs, conferences and lectures where Lemax is a sponsor etc.

  • Internal communication & Culture activities:

    • Coordinate internal events such as team buildings, gatherings, educational talks, and charitable activities
    • Improve internal communication channels and knowledge exchange platforms (e.g. Confluence)
    • Proactively propose and execute activities to  further support organizational culture
  • Various activities that influence employee experience:

    • Onboarding & Offboarding processes
    • Engagement surveys conducting and processing
    • People Operations (processes, policies, legal matters)
    • Manage tasks in the Employee Development area such as coordinating educational activities and support to leaders in defining career paths
  • Support of the development of other functional areas and processes as needed 

Who are we looking for in a People & Culture Generalist?

We are seeking a professional with a broad and deep understanding of human resources functions, who has demonstrated the ability to enhance these functions through years of experience. The ideal candidate considers themselves a quality mid-to-senior level HR professional.

What we see as key success metrics for this role:

  • The new hire independently and successfully completes goals and tasks within scope, timeline, and quality standards (e.g., hiring x person by a specific date, publishing two blogs on specific topics by a certain date).
  • Successful integration into the existing team, based on team member feedback regarding reliability, knowledge level, and independence.
  • Positive feedback from key stakeholders about collaboration, business domain knowledge, approach, and support provided.
  • Current team members experience reduced workload, allowing them to focus on fewer tasks with higher quality and tackle backlog items.
  • The manager can shift from operational tasks to new strategic projects, contributing to organizational development.

Mindset we are looking for:

Considering our team’s strengths and the areas where we need the most support, we believe the ideal candidate would be someone who:

  • Understands individuals’ strengths and maps them to organizational roles, turning needs into valuable contributions.
  • Communicates effortlessly, both verbally and in writing, tailoring information to the audience’s needs.
  • Enjoys organizing and executing events, focusing on quality and innovative ideas to deliver value.
  • Desires to understand business operations across departments, proactively researching potential questions.
  • Thrives on continuous development and learning, enhancing and sharing their knowledge.

What’s in it for you as a People & Culture Generalist?

  • If you enjoy constant learning and dislike monotony, this dynamic environment will make you feel like you’re continuously exploring new topics, facing fresh challenges, and learning through them
  • Joining the world of a product IT company operating on a SaaS business model offers an opportunity to learn about such business operations, organizational structure, and roles, which can be valuable given the growing trend of product-oriented companies in our market
  • You’ll also find a great atmosphere, team openness, a results-oriented focus

Meet our team!

As People & Culture Generalist will work closely with our current team, here’s your chance to get to know them:

How to apply?

Please send us your CV via the submission form (Apply for this job button below). 

To learn more about our selection process, time frames, and steps, we invite you to read our blog post on this topic.

Application deadline: 16.6.2024. (by the end of the day).