Candidate Selection Process at Lemax 

Selection process at Lemax

The selection process is an important aspect that people often consider when applying to a company. At Lemax, we recognize that the selection process is two-way; just as we choose our candidates, they also choose their path. 

The ultimate objective is to achieve a successful match between the candidate and the organization.

Our selection process comprises several phases, each designed to identify the right candidates for the job, team, and Lemax culture. Let’s dive in! 

Initial Contact 

We typically begin our selection process by assessing candidates’ CVs or LinkedIn profiles, going through the basic information such as education, experience, skills, main job responsibilities, and achievements. We check whether the candidate meets the requirements for the open position. 

Phone Interview 

Candidates who meet the basic requirements are invited to a short phone interview with us. 

Typically, this interview lasts up to 30 minutes, during which we aim to understand the candidate’s motivation and interest in Lemax and the open position. It’s also an opportunity for us to provide candidates with more information about the position. 

First Interview 

Candidates who pass the phone interview are invited to a more detailed interview. 

On average, this interview takes about 1-2 hours and consists of an introduction, structured interview questions, and an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. 

During the first interview, our goal is to get to know each other better and to determine whether our values and work ethic align. We aim to learn more about candidates’ previous job experiences, main responsibilities, achievements, struggles, and things they are most proud of in their careers. 

Additionally, we want to know more about what candidates value in a job and what they are looking for in a new career opportunity and employer. 

The first interview also provides candidates with more detailed insight into the open position and company.

Business Case/Technical Evaluation 

Candidates are given a business case or technical evaluation, depending on the position’s requirements. 

The business case is designed for candidates who successfully pass the first interview and represents tasks similar to tasks on the position candidate applied for. The goal is to test candidates’ abilities for the position and assess their creative thinking, data analysis, and problem-solving skills within a limited time frame. 

In the case of development and QA engineers, technical evaluation is part of the first interview and involves discussing their previous technical experience, answering theoretical questions, and completing practical tasks. 

This part of the selection process is also an opportunity for candidates to become acquainted in-depth with the workplace’s tasks that they would potentially do. 

Second Interview 

Candidates who excel afterward are invited to present their solutions to the hiring manager and HR representative. 

Again, this interview takes about one-two hours. Following the presentation, candidates receive feedback. During this interview, we aim to provide candidates with more information about the company’s culture, mission, vision, values, and plans for the future. This deeper understanding helps candidates assess how well Lemax aligns with their personal values and goals.

Job Offer 

After the second interview, we evaluate all the candidates and decide on the best fit. We may send the job offer in writing or invite the candidate for a final interview, depending on whether there are still things left to discuss. 

hiring proceess at lemax

Our goal is to complete the selection process within three weeks. However, this timeline may vary based on the availability of the candidate and the number of candidates being considered.

At Lemax, we take a thorough and thoughtful approach to selecting new team members, and we believe that candidates should do the same. We advise asking questions, especially about topics of great importance to you. 

Consider this process an opportunity for personal and professional growth, where you can expand your network, clarify your objectives, acquire new knowledge, and even enhance your work environment. 

If you appreciate our approach and are enthusiastic about a career at Lemax, we encourage you to submit your application and become part of our team!

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