6 mistakes travel agencies make when creating online pricings

A common mistake travel web sites do is hiding real exact prices from their customers or not having automatically calculated prices. Tourists love seeing important information after just a few clicks (minutes) spent on your website.

1. Not having an exact calculation

Your customers want to go on their trip, they’re super excited and scrolling down your page hoping to book their dream vacation, but oops! Where are the prices? Nobody wants to see an inaccurate price for a product that they want to buy right now! You don’t want to wait for an answer, to call, to write emails, send inquiries. Showing the correct prices immediately definitely increases your chances of selling!

online price calculation

2. Not having automatically calculated children prices on the search box

You offer a children discount for some hotel, but that is not automatically calculated on the search box when performing a search. The discount is visible only on the last step of online booking, till then only adult prices are shown. So unfortunately, you are letting your customers think they will pay more than on your competitors’ sites.

3. Showing “price from”

Showing the cheapest price that is valid in winter season when your customer is booking a hotel for this month or for this summer doesn’t make any sense. Tourists won’t feel happier to first see the cheaper price and then, when they select a product, see a higher one. That can only make a negative impression.

Showing price from is not good

4. Special offers not connected to price calculations

Hotels you work with gave some special early booking discounts or you are giving some last minute deals. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the promotional prices calculated automatically? Seeing a total price and then a discount as a note is not so good, you should not force your tourists to calculate the new price on their own.

5. Different special offers not combined

Just like in the previous case, only worse, is to have more special offers that are valid in the same period. Which offer will be applied and under which parameters? Will it be confusing for the customer, will it be confusing for your employees when manually calculating the total price? YES.

rounded prices
6. Complicated and unrounded prices

It is known that rounded prices affect your customer’s perception subliminally. Rounded prices look better, as well as prices with the “9” at the end. So write 799 $ rather than 800 $. Also, prices should be written simple, so write 7999 $ rather than 7,999 $ or 7,999,00 $!
Make your offer and prices clear and understandable. This way you are giving a transparent picture to your customers, and they will surely appreciate it!

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