5 Advantages of B2B Online Booking for Tour Operators (and Their Partners and Suppliers)

Majority of tour operators who want to keep growing are increasingly looking to invest in online business. But how exactly does a tour operator benefit from using an online booking B2B software? What do their partners and suppliers get from it? How does it bring value to a mid to large size tour operator?

How Do Modern Travelers Book Trips? Top 4 Things That Influence Their Decision

Keeping up with the trends and knowing your customer is crucial for any business. To know your customer is to know their habits and needs. How modern travelers book trips in 2022? What are the most critical elements in determining which tour operator to choose? What matters to them in the process? With the world

Top 5 Travel Trends in 2022 and How Tour Operators Should Respond to Them

Is pent-up demand real? What is the GOAT mindset? Is “trip stacking” still a thing? If you want to make sure you will prepare your business to create and sell packages and itineraries that this evolved generation of customers will actually be interested in this year, read further.

The Ultimate Buyer Personas in the Travel Industry: Millennials and Gen-Z

They are poised to change the world, but what do we know about Millennials and Gen-Z and their spending and travel habits? And even more, why should tour operators crave them as customers? If you’re working as a decision-maker in a tour operator or a destination managment company, one of your main goals is to

20+ Steps of a Tour Operators’ Sales Process: Here’s How to Be More Efficient

Key thing in the sales agent world of tour operators is closing, or confirming the reservations. What it takes to do that seems simple, but to get one reservation successfully confirmed it takes more than 20 steps; but you can easily automate your processes.

Why Every Travel Business Should Start a Blog Today – Increase Traffic and Demand During Post-Covid Travel Rebound

Help travelers in their decisions during post-Covid travel rebound and build trust by showing your expertise to increase demand! Learn how and why to build a blog for your travel business.