The Perfect Formula: A Journey to Scalable Sales System

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We are among the few SaaS startups in Croatia that have successfully entered the scale-up phase and are making significant progress in our growth. Our primary focus is developing a product that addresses the core challenges that medium-sized and large businesses face in the multi-day travel industry. We take pride in having bootstrapped our way to progress, advancing daily through dedication and hard work.

The travel industry is experiencing rapid growth and an increasing demand for partners in digital transformation. This trend presents a substantial opportunity to make a global impact and significantly influence the operations of large companies.

Every thriving company has a story behind its success, and Lemax is no exception. Our journey is marked by significant milestones, from the early days of impromptu presentations to the development of a robust sales formula and the cultivation of team dynamics essential for scalable growth.

Here’s a glimpse into the evolution of Lemax’s sales system and the pivotal lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Early Stage Sales: The Foundation of Our Journey

The early days at Lemax were both chaotic and exhilarating. We often find ourselves reminiscing about those times, sharing stories that bring a smile to our faces.

Back then, our sales system was different from today’s. Our presentations and demos were often prepared on planes or in cars, and new features were developed overnight, ready to be showcased the next morning. It was a period marked by a unique dynamic, adaptability, agility, and plenty of good humor.

It was stressful, but it was also incredibly fun and exciting. Every little success was a big deal, and we celebrated enthusiastically. We learned to enjoy the journey, knowing each challenge we overcame brought us closer to our goals.

In those initial stages, the product’s vision was clearest in the founder’s mind. The founder’s direct involvement was crucial for validating hypotheses, gathering firsthand client feedback, and refining our messaging and value proposition. This hands-on approach was instrumental in shaping our early sales strategy, building a foundation for growth, and getting to our current sales system.

Crafting the Sales Formula: Scaling Up with Precision

As Lemax began to grow, so did our team and customer base. However, with growth came challenges.

Anecdotes and project references that were once known to only a few became confusing for new team members. Everything was associated with a certain client. That was a clear indication that a more structured approach was needed.

Investing in Enablement

One of our earliest lessons regarding our sales system was the importance of investing in enablement. Before hiring an experienced sales team, it’s essential to have all enablement activities in place. This includes sales efficiency, consistent messaging, analytics, alignment with other departments, and comprehensive onboarding and training materials. Initially, our experienced sales reps spent more time on enablement activities than actual selling, leading to frustration on both sides.

Our solution was to hire a multi-role individual with experience in various aspects of a large organization. This person could understand our company’s stage, market, and value creation for clients while also drawing up processes from scratch. By prioritizing enablement, we created a sales system; a well-oiled machine that supports our sales reps, maximizing their performance in front of customers.

Nailing ICP and Buyer Journey Flow

In the early stages, most leads came through inbound channels, which helped us narrow down our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Today, we know exactly which companies we want on our client list. We invest significant effort and time in building a detailed customer base, including decision-makers’ contacts, company size, business model, product portfolio, and readiness for change.

Our ICP base is organized into subgroups with tailored approaches for different buying personas and product offerings. Through targeted campaigns, our Marketing team educates these subgroups on the benefits of digital transformation. The Demand Generation team then takes a more personalized approach with those showing interest. We are still building a team of Business Development Managers (BDMs) to cover specific territories.

Team Dynamics and Growth: From “Figure it Out” to “Scale it Up” Mindset

Right People and Mindset

In the early days, we embraced a ‘Figure It Out’ mindset in our sales team, driving innovation, problem-solving, and scalability. This fostered a culture of adaptability, resilience, creativity, and rapid experimentation, prioritizing attitude over experience for new hires.

Now, we’re focused on cultivating ‘Scale It Up’ individuals who possess a long-term strategic view. This enables efficient execution with a strong emphasis on adhering to established strategies. This approach minimizes the need for extensive innovation, emphasizing disciplined adaptation and strategic hiring to sustain momentum and achieve scalable expansion goals.

Read a good introduction to the topic of modes of operation, and what fits best for your company.

aligning teams

Aligning All Teams to a Single Customer Journey Flow

Over the last five years, we have transformed our operations by aligning our teams with the customer journey flow. Our Marketing team engages with the market through industry narratives, the Demand Generation team nurtures leads, and our Sales and Solution Consultant team provides personalized solutions.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we have an Implementation team ensuring smooth onboarding, and a Customer Success team that monitors the results, needs, and plans of clients, always connecting them with our product to develop a partnership. Our Customer Care team is actively engaged in providing ongoing support and resolving any issues that arise. This alignment ensures a seamless and exceptional customer experience, driving remarkable growth and satisfaction.

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sales and marketing

Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

Previously, our Marketing and Sales teams operated with separate targets, leading to some disconnect. By defining our Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), we’ve achieved greater clarity and alignment. This strategic shift has enabled both teams to concentrate on high-potential leads more effectively. Now, Marketing and Sales collaborate seamlessly, resulting in enhanced performance and outcomes.

Statistics show that 35% of reps achieve quota while 65% of marketing content goes unused. This indicates a significant misalignment between teams. By aligning our Sales and Marketing teams around shared goals and well-defined ICPs, we have improved collaboration and overall effectiveness. Research shows that companies that align sales and marketing teams typically show a 19% increase in revenue on average.

To conclude…

Lemax’s journey from anecdotal client stories to a scalable sales system has been marked by learning, growth, adaptability, and strategic alignment. By investing in enablement, defining our ICPs, and fostering the right team mindset, we have built a strong foundation for continued success. Aligning our teams with the customer journey flow ensures we deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint, driving growth and satisfaction.

As we continue on this path, we remain committed to evolving and adapting.

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