How to become more profitable in the travel branch by using online tour operator software

If you are a tour operator you must have wondered at some point how to attract more customers and what the key of success is. Of course, there is no universal answer to that, but you should definitely pay attention to a few details, whether you are selling a single product such as a daily excursion or a series of products loosely “tied” together such as accommodation, transfer, daily activities. In order to become more profitable, a good solution can be buying a software that covers all your requirements.

Here is some advice that can help you in developing a marketing strategy that could bring you more profit:

1) Find out what the most visited locations are

Location itself can help you determine the right type of performance. When the the most visited locations are determined, you can direct your marketing afford hereafter. Remember that being prepared also means realizing that these locations have their own special challenges – e.g. organizing outgoing tours can be much more demanding than organizing incoming tours. But how to keep track of the most visited locations? One way is by using a software that can provide you with a financial report that shows profit per specific city/country.


2) Target the audience

Gather as much information as you can from your customers and single out the most important one in order to create a personalized approach for each customer. Have it systematized in one place and add an option that allows you to filter the information so that you can find it more easily. . If the system you are working with has an option to filter your customers not only by the basic info, such as email, birth date etc., but also by financial parameters such as the number of reservations, profit made, etc., it is a great plus. As the end result, you will be able to determine the most loyal customers and the characteristics of their demographic group.

3) Keep track of the products you sell/ type of the products you offer

You may have noticed that some of the products you sold have brought you more profit than the others. If that is the case, you may find it more profitable to remove them from the stock and invest into something else instead. Thus, having a report that shows profit per each item/product sold can be a great solution to adjusting your sales strategy and determining which products gain the most profit.

4) Stay on top of trends and offer the latest “must-haves”

Whatever products you choose, continually make adjustments to the merchandise mix. If your competition offers something you don’t, think about introducing it into your business. Or even better, if they don’t have something you do – present it to your clients. Offering discountspecial offers (first minute offers, last minute offers, 7=6) can certainly make a contribution. Having a quality website with all your offers is a great solution, especially if you are able to work with the data shown on the website from your online tour operator software’s back office.

Online booking action

5) Organize yourself better by using online tour operator software

Organize the entire process better by putting all information in one place and reducing paperwork. Chaotic organization can lead to even more chaotic results! Automate your business – list the products/services, customers, travel agents, destinations, even the employees in one place. Send documents and keep track of the statistics from the online tour operator’s software interface.

Using a travel software could help you speed up your business process and have keep better control over everything – the products, customers, visited destinations,  marketing activities. Of course, the software should cover what you need – the products you offer, the reports you need and such. It is very helpful for it to have an option to follow the progress of your employees. This will definitely lead to better organization in your company and better sales results!