I don’t have enough money to buy cheap things

I don’t have enough money to buy cheap things“ stands for various purchasing decisions when it comes to clothes, shoes, furniture. Does it apply when purchasing software for a travel agency?

Not only does it apply, it should be the most important guideline when buying software for everyday travel business.

During our long term experience with many travel agencies and tour operators we have noticed that they are making big mistakes when purchasing software in the first few steps:

  • trying to get as low price as possible, no matter what they are achieving and getting for the negotiated price, the most important thing is to get software for the lowest price
  • not having any idea what they need, basing their decisions on what they saw on some web page about some really cheap software they can afford. It doesn’t matter that the software does not solve any of the problems or issues they are having.
  • rushing into purchasing the first software that they find on internet and not getting into the detailed specification of software´s features and modules, prices, terms and conditions, delivery dates, recommendations…
  • not getting training for using the software is a very wrong decision. When travel agencies buy software and do not know how to use it than it is equal to opening a window and throwing their money away.

There is a great article on TNooz.com analysing how to buy software. We here at Lemax software believe that Rob Wortham was absolutely spot on with this article. Also, we have analysed the article a bit and came to some important conclustions.

We recognized that tour operators and travel agencies need some help and guidance when purchasing software.  We would like to give the following advice when purchasing a travel software:


  • in the battle of  value vs money always make the value your primary concern, time will show you that it was worth every penny when using complete, quality and „tailor-made“ software
  • take your time and research many different software systems to be sure you find the one that really suits your travel business
  • get training and learn how to use software, without that the purchase will turn out to be a waste of money
  • contact Lemax Software team for any help or advice, we will help you gladly to get your travel software

Were you ever in a similar situation? How did you react? What issues did you decide to be the priorities? Please comment and let us know.

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