Lemax integration with JacTravel!

Lemax is now integrated with Jac Travel

Jac Travel is a global 3rd party provider that enables travel agencies and tour operators to directly book and pay for the services wanted. They supply net or commissionable rate hotels to the travel and online industry.

Lemax Software is now integrated with Jac Travel through XML and allows travel companies to make reservations directly from the back office system. This is not the only benefit, however, as the end customers are now also able to book and pay for the services online on the website. This makes your offer better and wider!
The description, price, and availability are automatically taken from the Jac Travel database in real time! Also, after making a reservation from the back office or website, it is immediately reported to Jac Travel, thus eliminating possible mistakes.

Why Jac Travel

•    Over 11,000 hotels individually inspected
•    Independent and small chain hotels as well as international brands
•    Catering for major tour operators and online retailers as well as medium and small tour operators and travel agencies,
•    Over 1,000 active partners around the world booking over 1 million passengers a year

Advantages of integration Lemax with Jac Travel

– Saves time (no need to enter all of the data into the system)
– Enhances your offer giving your customers what they want
– Easy to work with
– Bookings are made directly from the travel software’s user interface
– Gives you the best available prices by combining different sources
– Saves money by extracting the top value
– Provides automatic content update and latest travel product changes

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