Snæland Travel: high level of service, consistency, calculations, unified product database

Company type:Tour Operator
Company location:Iceland

“All of the updates and improvement that we have seen in last year showed how Lemax is listening and tackling the challenges we had.”

Kristjan Gunnarsson
Kristjan Gunnarsson
CTO & Business Development, Iceland

Challenge: eliminate hundreds of documents and manual work, standardize processes and improve collaboration

Snæland Travel has over 70 years of local expertise and know-how in Iceland. Their aim is always to send their guests home telling stories of how Iceland was the experience of a lifetime, a true fairy tale. From that vision, they strive to create as inspiring, creative, and magical programs as Iceland itself.

There are few main challenges that they were facing: unsynchronized communication, assigning tasks between staff members, disconnection to the financial part, a lot of copy-pasting, and re-entering data indifferent systems that were not connected.

What they were doing before was having hundreds of documents with pricelists from all kinds of suppliers, which they look up whenever they were making an offer. That costs a lot of extra work, copy-pasting, etc. They wanted to avoid doing things differently depending on how each employee works and bring consistency to their processes! The dream was having a single ID that would go from when the request came in until you got the supplier’s bills.

Impact: unified product database, standardized processes, and documentation, more efficiency

We talked to Kristjan Gunnarsson, CTO & Business Development, who explained how Lemax helped them. Regarding processes and tasks where he sees Lemax as a big step forward, few things were pointed out.

  • handling groups and calculations
  • auto-generating documents previously done in Word and Excel
  • missing consistency and having the structured database matching what they get from suppliers to comply with contracts.

Kristjan emphasized that they have something like 200+ accommodation options in the system. Being able to handle that and pull it into the system takes time, but he said it’s worth it!

With improvements in the product published during the last year, he saw many benefits with new options like copying from other groups when making calculations and saving multiple contracts per supplier.

With Lemax, they could do the same amount of work, but with less staff. It also helped them when Covid-19 started impacting tourism; they maintained the same level of service, even with fewer people.

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All of the updates we saw show Lemax is listening their customers

Lemax is fantastic in handling packages that are sold to FIT customers. All of the updates and improvements that we saw last year on group calculations are very promising for the future; they showed how Lemax is listening and tackling the challenges we had.
Kristjan Gunnarsson
Kristjan Gunnarsson

CTO & Business Development
Tour Operator, Iceland

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