Lemax Software Blog is Online

Lemax Software’s new blog is up and running! We wish to welcome our dear readers and to open the central place for travel technology updates and news up to them.

The blog will cover three key topic sections:

  • Software all-about – info and updates about the usage of software for tour operators and travel agencies
  • How-tos – a series of useful articles about the usage and benefits of travel technology such as Lemax
  • Travel B2B industry-related content – researches, comments, and articles

Blog authors

The articles found on this blog will be written by Lemax team members, who have, through their years of working in the travel software industry, gained great experience with software development as well as tourism business processes. Some of our team members specialize in sales and marketing and will be giving their ideas on marketing and sales systems and how to incorporate these into the travel industry. Other members of our team come directly from the big tour operators and they will be bringing their comments on tourism in general. Also, hopefully, we will manage to get some posts from guest authors relevant to the industry.