Lemax Software showcased on CroTour 2012

We’re very excited to share that Lemax Software was showcased at the CroTour 2012 International Tourism Fair on May 11th, 2012. UHPA (the Association of Croatian travel agencies) organized a presentation of its members at the UHPA booth, and, as Lemax is a proud member of UHPA, we were more than glad to participate in such an event.

The presentation was held by Ivana and Mario of the Lemax team. The full photo gallery is available on Lemax Facebook Page.

Even though we are very grateful to UHPA for allowing us the chance to present our product to the public, we cannot help but wonder about the organization of the whole CroTour event. The number of people (both presenters and visitors) was much lesser than we expected. The organizers were not able to get people to come. This means that people when thinking of CroTour tourism fair, have the idea that the event is not important, that they will not have the chance to promote their business to visitors and not be able to meet new and important business contacts, which is what any trade show should actually be about. So, fewer and fewer people actually exhibit their products. And then the number of visitors, who are disappointed by the offer, also drastically decreases. And we wind up in a vicious circle.

But, there might be other reasons why visitors do not come to the CroTour tourism festival. As one prominent Croatian web portal wrote (article only available in Croatian), the promoters were unkind and unprepared and were putting visitors off. “Secret buyers” were going from booth to booth, and very often either found nobody there or were not able to get any useful information.

In the meantime, the Lemax Software presentation actually went great, and we did end up meeting a bunch of interesting new contacts. So, to summarize, for Lemax the CroTour 2012 International Tourism Fair was a success.