Loyalty programmes as a way to increase your travel company’s income

Loyalty programmes are used for improving your relationship with your customers and nurturing mutual trust. This is a two way communication which allows you to can achieve two things: get new customers to trust you, and (or) motivate existing customers to travel with you more often. So, you can either try to increase the share-of-wallet or increase the market share – or both.
Loyalty programmes were created because of:
1) Tourists usually aren’t loyal to a single-brand
2) Most people only buy what they need
3) Most tourists buy more than one brand in the category

Do you think that you are facing some of these issues? We’re quite sure you are, just like all travel companies! But there are some things you can do in order to decrease these issues.

Create member cards

You can create simple member cards. That doesn’t have to be automated, you can simply add a unique code onto it. If you have a place where you store your customers’ purchase history, you can add this code there.

Loyalty member card

Give your customers an additional discount for being loyal

Additional value is the most important part of having a loyalty programme. Whether you are selling through online booking or via telephone, let your customers tell you or write their unique code and reward them for it.

Let them collect points

Create a programme where you will include your customers in their present selection. Determine how they can spend their points, and what they can be rewarded with.  Maybe some extra trip discount, free dinner on their trip or a nicer hotel room. You have to determine what is acceptable for you.

Reward them with some sweet gift

Every customer loves a little present now and then. You can give them a gift on their birthday like a gift card or a nice personalized e-mail. Or you can also give them towels if their love to travel with you during summer!


Give them a gift voucher for their next trip

You can also award your customers with a certain amount of money they can spend on their next trip in the form of an extra service voucher. This way, they will put you in front of your competitors and think of you first when they plan their next trip.

Make your customers your brand ambassadors

Happy customers will recommend you to their friends and family. The old rule of marketing says it’s five times more expensive to win a new customer than to retain an existing. 20% of your customers generate 80% of your income. Investing in long-term relationships is important.

Brand ambassadors

Create a one day event and share it on social media

It’s important your loyal customers feel special. You can make some kind of action and advertize it on your web page or social media page. Reward those who have your card with their unique code and the benefits it brings. This will encourage potential customers to come to you and ask for their unique numbers. Get their e-mail address and let them know when you have an interesting new offer!

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