Sales Solution Consultant Role in a SaaS Company

Solution Consultant at Lemax

Sales approach is one of the differentiating factors at Lemax. Our clients often express gratitude at the end of the sales process. One of the key factors contributing to our success is our ability to maintain focus on strategic product development. We achieve that through the role of Sales Solution Consultant in our Sales department and Solution design assessment. 

Transformation of the Sales Process

At Lemax, we made a conscious decision at one point. We decided that the sales process would be more complex and would last longer. This means that more time and resources are invested into delving into all the necessary details.

We decided that the solution process will happen within the Sales department, with Solution Consultant role dedicated specifically to this cause. The change in the process meant that the part of the business analysis would be transferred from the implementation to the sales process. This enables our delivery teams to implement solutions more efficiently. 

By “solution”, we refer to the method by which we map the client’s needs to our products. With that, we can define how our clients can best use our product to address their specific needs.

The Role of Solution Consultants 

Our Solution Consultants analyze business processes and identify our clients’ pain points, enabling them to fully understand our solution’s value. 

They are responsible for demonstrating how our solution can solve their business pains, ensuring that we sell our existing or planned features with a focus on the value we bring to our clients.

Ultimately, the Solution Consultant’s goal is to ensure our entire organization can deliver the solution on time and within the agreed framework.

Solutioning Process

The first step for a Solution Consultant is to analyze the client’s business processes and identify their pain points. Business process analysis is essential to ensure the quality of the Solution design for the client. Clients fill out a questionnaire, and together with the Solution Consultant, they iterate on defining their requirements. We use the MoSCoW method in our sales process to efficiently prioritize the requirements as “must-haves,” “should-haves,” “could-haves,” and “nice-to-haves.”

Next, the Solution Consultant prepares and demonstrates tailor-made presentations and demos. During this process, they consult with the Product department. This is to ensure that the proposed solution is aligned with our current product possibilities and with the development strategy. They may involve multiple departments to finalize our proposal for the solution agreement internally. 

Once we have demonstrated the effects of using Lemax as a solution, we showcase the benefits of our solution by preparing before-and-after comparisons. These comparisons help the client understand the changes they will see in their ways of working by implementing Lemax as their core system.

Finally, when we reach an agreement with a client, we consult with the Implementation team. It is time to determine timelines and budgets for the implementation process. After that, we prepare Business case together. This way, the Account Executive can present the complete value proposition and the ROI to the client.

Sales Team at Lemax

It’s More About Consulting and Educating Than Sales

The digital transformation encompassed by the implementation of our product involves educating clients from the outset. We aim to educate them about the importance of implementing technology at the core of their business. 

We take pride in receiving feedback from clients about our fair and transparent approach. While our solution may be broad and complex, we strive to understand our clients’ processes and replicate them within our system. When we conduct our detailed solutioning, we explain the value that our clients will receive. We communicate with our clients regularly, keeping up with the industry standards and making the sales experience educational.

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