What are the ways to get leads for your sales team?

The hunt for leads can be both difficult and desperate in the travel market. There are different practices that can help you generate leads.

Inbound practices are practices that serve to bring customers in closer to the brand, not to sell immediately. The point is to create trust in the eyes of your customers so that when they decide to travel, you are the first company that comes to their minds! This way you become a relevant source and seem like an expert in the travel business.

This practice is achieved by:

  • SEO – taking care of links, keywords, alt tags, etc.
  • Social media – engaging with your audience
  • Content – writing blogs, case studies, whitepapers, etc.
  • Referrals – word of mouth

Outbound practices

Outbound practices are one-way interactions with your audience. You are making direct contact and trying to sell at that particular moment.

This practice is achieved by:

  • Calling – telemarketing from your sales team
  • Trade Shows – direct engagement with your audience
  • Purchased lists – buying lists for your database
  • Paid media – Google AdWords, OOH marketing

Self- sourced leads from the sales team

This is the case where your sales team members are also your brand ambassadors. If your employees are happy with their workplace, they’ll recommend your company and services to others, as well as travel with you when they’re booking a tour with friends! Other ways of sourcing leads are inquiries and questions they get via your webpage, phone, email, etc.

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