When is it time to repeat trainings for your online reservation system? 7 warning signs!

It usually happens that employees are only using a basic set of options of the online reservation system because during their first training, they tried too hard to go through basic features and were not able to focus and memorize more advanced ones. If you have selected a proper online reservations system vendor, your online reservation system solution is being updated with new features and options either weekly or monthly, and your employees do not know how to use them, so additional training lessons might be of a great help to your company.
Going through additional training lessons saves you time and costs less than figuring out how to manage something by yourself, trying to figure out something for hours and hours, or even  worse – working with the system or uploading with the wrong logic.
These are 7 warning signs that sound the alarm that you need to contact your software vendor and ask for additional training sessions!

1. Your travel business process changed

If you have new processes or your procedures changed, the personalized training could help you map your new changes within the system for online reservations. If your employees attempt to do it without a certified person, they might miss some important things and wrongly map the process into the online system for reservations. It is very difficult to later understand that something is wrong, especially without talking to the trainer that is supposed to assist you with the change.

Business process

2. Your employees are changing their departments

Your employees might change their department, and if so, they should go through retraining and learn about the module they will use from now on. This way, they will completely understand the system that is made for their business routines.

3. You have new employees in the company

This is crucial! This is the most expensive option for you, having new employees and not giving them proper training. Not only can they upload products wrongly and not understand the logic of the online system for reservations, but they can also do something wrong with the reservations and your customers! If you think that your older employees can train them, you’re wrong because they will lack some important information (and that’s normal with that large number of options and functionalities). Your employees are also not trained to do the training, so it is much better to have a certified person do it.

new employees

4. You’re starting to sell some additional travel products that you didn’t sell before

Started selling activities on your tours that you didn’t sell before? The worst thing you can do is to try the system out by yourselves and upload the new products the wrong way. This can even cost you more, because if you do something wrong, you need to do it all over again, to delete it or waste time fixing it.

5. You weren’t using some advanced options, but you need them now

You know that some advanced functionalities exist, but you don’t know exactly how to use them. You need proper training which will give insight into all details personalized for your business. The modules are complex and the manual can help you remember some options, but it is not personalized and detailed according to your routines!

6. You have a lot of questions for your implementator or support

You forgot a large number of options from the training session? It’s okay, but some things are not easy to explain over skype or email due to their complexity. Also, it’s not effective when you’re doing 5 things at a time and trying to read your implementator’s email 5 times in order to understand the online reservation system.

questions for implementation team

7. A lot of time passed between the training sessions and the actual start of the travel software use

You have learned the basics of the software and you are ready to start with some advanced features, you remember that your implementator was talking about some options here and there, but, hmm where was it? Some projects can have longer implementation time and it is not that easy to focus on advanced things from the beginning, so it’s understandable. It is good to invest a few more hours in repeating the trainings because it can really help you master the online reservation system.

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