A warm welcome to our customer, Asian Trails

Word floating around is that an obscure Croatian IT company has recently won the tender for the project of introducing advanced software to the famous Asian company’s operations. It’s true! Lemax was unrivaled on the competitive tender for the digital transformation of Asian Trails.

About Asian Trails

Founded in 1999, the Asian Trails Group has been the primary provider of cutting-edge travel proposals to seamless operational standards that are unparalleled in Asia.

Headquartered in Bangkok, the group continues to provide client-focused destination management services in all of its 9 destinations: Cambodia, China / Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the agency’s own words:

“We are working on the future of our technology and have embarked on a massive project years ago, which we are presently rolling out. This will not only enable instant online bookings and confirmations but will link our customers to dynamic and static content. We believe that connecting all stakeholders to each other through our B2B customers is the way to go.”

The significance of Asian Trails deal for Lemax

The contract with Asian Trails agency is the single biggest contract Lemax has won until this point and the most significant reference in the tourism industry globally.

The contract entails the implementation of Lemax cloud software for managing tour agencies’ business operation, integrating it with accounting systems and other systems used by the company, and creating a new company website.

Being identified as the best choice among other well-established companies from some of the most developed countries employing hundreds is the most valuable acknowledgment for our software and the strongest driving force for us to keep perfecting it.