Work@Lemax – Have any doubts?

We assume you have a lot of questions when looking at our open job positions.
Find your question in the list below and check out the answer. In case your question is not on the list – feel free to contact us on

Why do you do what you do?
Lemax is a company that started as a family business in 1990 in a small coastal town of Croatia, Šibenik. Today, it’s one of the leading software companies for tourism in the world. Behind this success story, there is a great amount of ambition, enthusiasm and hard work from all of our team members.
It is incredibly satisfying to see how our software can speed up the processes and increase the sales of tourist companies and ultimately, feel what a great impact we have on our client’s businesses. We are truly transforming global tourism!

I don’t know anything about tourism as an industry. Can I still do it?
And you don’t need to – we will help you gain that knowledge. You will get a set of written and video materials as well as a mentor who will help you track your progress. From your side, all that matters is the willingness to learn. If you like something – you’ll be good at it. And if you’re good at it – you’ll like it even more!

I have never worked in the IT industry before. Can I still do it?
YES. You don’t have to be a developer or have an IT background if you want to be a part of our team. You just have to be open to it and willing to learn.
Besides, most of your tasks will involve communication with clients and other team members, problem-solving and finding the best solutions. If you’re the type who loves a good puzzle, we’re the right team for you.

I don’t have all the requirements – can I apply anyway?
Requirements that are written in the job add are based on the responsibilities that each role carries. In case you see yourself in a specific position, feel free to contact us and shortly explain your view even if you don’t have the entire requirement set.
Our experience shows that attitude and enthusiasm are the best predictors to success. Ok, skills matter, but you will have a chance to develop them with our help.

How much traveling can I expect?
A lot of people think, since we work with clients worldwide, that we all travel a lot – but this is not the case. Although we all like to travel, more than 90% of our communication with clients happens via Skype. In specific situations, our sales and implementation teams visit a client at their location or they come to our office in Zagreb, but this is not typical. Our latest trips included destinations such as Mexico, the US, the UK, and Dubai.

How does this online communication look like in practice?
We agree with our clients on a specific time for communication that suits both sides, which is usually about 1-2 meetings per day. Sometimes, when talking to clients from different time zones, either we or they stretch out a little bit, but we do not work in shifts or on weekends and holidays. This is a standard way of doing global business and we find that it works great for us.

What are my options for growth and career development at Lemax?
Tourism & IT are the two fastest-growing industries in the whole world – and we are doing our business in both of these markets. This means that we hold ourselves to very high standards and strive to become better every day. Why? Because we want to be the best in the world!

What does this mean for you? It means that with us, you will not only learn all about our software and about tourism processes but also:

  • your knowledge and skills will evolve and reach global standards as you will be challenged every day to deliver a high-quality service to clients from all over the world
  • you will achieve great results as you will be surrounded by professionals who set high-performance standards and are eager to share their knowledge
  • you will polish your English language skills by communicating with clients from countries such as the US, UK, Denmark, Maldives, Costa Rica, Australia, Vietnam, Mauritius and many more
  • you will gain invaluable experience and tools for navigating in multicultural work environments anywhere you decide to go

Do you offer any additional education?
Have you heard of the 70-20-10 development approach? Most of the things (70%) we learn because we are exposed to challenging on-the-job activities; 20% we learn through mentoring and networking and only 10% through ‘classroom’ educations. We are highly focused on internal knowledge sharing but our employees also often participate in different external conferences, training, and workshops. The most important thing is that each education benefits both the employee as well as the company.

You have ‘only’ one product: Lemax. Why not develop other products?
Lemax is a very complex solution which we are constantly advancing. Our product (as well as tourism software solutions in general) is in such high demand that we actually filter and choose our own clients who reach out to us first. That is why all members of our team are focused on Lemax and this only improves our expertise and market recognition.

I am not sure if your open positions are really for me. I need more info.
It is important for you to recognize WHY you think that this position is not for you? Afterward, in case you have specific questions, feel free to contact our recruiter on

I want to apply – how can I do it?
Feel free to do so! Please fill out this short application form and we’ll get back to you soon.