4 details you should include on your website if you are selling restaurants’ services

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling restaurant services individually, if they are part of your packages (that can include other services as well), or you just want to give extra info and advice to your tourists (on what to visit when they are staying somewhere). If you have them on your webpage, this is a good article for you.

TripAdvisor examined the 25 most reviewed eateries in order to understand what drives the engagement between restaurants and users on the site. You can use this when deciding which information to include on your travel portal, giving your potential customers exactly what they want to see!

Here are the results:

1. Photographs

Photographs are the first thing a customer sees. It has to be representative, otherwise, the customer will likely proceed elsewhere. This stops his decision cycle and he could leave that specific page (or even worse – your whole page). Include good quality photographs that represent the restaurants so your potential customers have a nice perception of the place.

2. Management photos

The next most compelling driver is management photos, usually called „Meet the Team“ pages or similar. Showing the photos of the team/management/chefs of the restaurant humanizes the team behind the restaurant, helping people feel like they know the team. It doesn’t matter if you are offering this service as a part of a package, or as a single item that can be added to the shopping cart alone. Either way, having their team photos on your site will increase your chances of selling the service.

3. Number of online reviews

Online reviews of restaurants you’re offering (and other services as well) are extremely helpful and important for tourists. When they can read about the experiences of other people who have already used your services, it adds tremendously to the restaurant’s credibility (yours as well, since it is offered on your webpage).

4. Opening hours

Last but not least, the restaurants’ opening hours were also important for tourists when deciding on the purchase. You should definitely include these smaller, yet very important features that inform your customers about what they are booking. This also prevents later misunderstandings.

Providing these 4 important details on your restaurants’ services definitely gets you closer to earning the attention and trust of your customers.