How to Create an Amazing Tour Itinerary: Six Tips for Tour Operators


Tour itinerary creation for employees of DMCs, tour operators and travel agencies is a very time-consuming process. Unless you’re using a core software such as Lemax, you’re spending a lot of your time on manual operational tasks, which barely leaves room for creativity to produce unique tour itineraries that will stand out from your competition. And obviously, that should be in your center of attention all the time. This is why we’ve prepared a list of tips that can help you focus on the right things.

1. Name your products and use adjectives

Come up with words that explain in short terms what your travel product is all about. Interesting product names can separate you from others and make you more memorable, and also be found on Google when users are searching for their perfect tour itinerary.

And remember to write multi-language descriptions, because the lack of text description of the travel product virtually puts an end to the chances of the page being in the top 10 of a search engine query.

2. Add customer reviews and testimonials

About 70% of all buyers are looking for reviews of products on online stores or forums before making a purchase. This really is important to have.

Add reviews of your travel product/service or of the suppliers you are working with and give tourists an insight into the level of service.

3. Add high-quality photo and video content

Holidays are beautiful, and so should be the pictures representing them. Don’t forget to put Alt Text descriptions on your pictures, it helps the visitor and also helps you rank higher in the search engine page results!

And according to Internet Retailer, 90% of online shoppers find videos useful when deciding to make a purchase.

You can load videos from your past excursions online or combine your customers’ pictures into a collage!

4. Give details about destinations of the tour itinerary

Invest a little effort and hook tourists with fun facts and specifics of the destination they are inquiring about. For example, did you know that the world’s oldest public zoo was opened in London in 1828?

5. Provide essential information

Tourists love to be prepared before going on a trip. It’s important to provide them with information like where they can buy fresh water, where to get gas, where to exchange cash or withdraw money.

6. Offer information about activities and excursions

Tourists love to use their days to the fullest and visit different places in the town they are staying in. Let them know where they can have extra activities and what they can see e.g. which museums, aquariums, beaches, etc. Don’t forget to include links or videos of these optional activities.

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