Lemax Software integrated with RoomsXML

Lemax Software has integrated with RoomsXML. This means that from now on, users that decide to use the integration can book directly from the software’s wide range of products from that page with only few clicks. Not only does this integration allows Lemax’s customer to book large hotel chains, it also allows them to manage all bookings, documents, passengers, transactions, payments, etc. through its interface.

What exactly is RoomsXML? If you work in travel industry, you are probably familiar with the term 3rd party supplier – they provide tourist entities with high quality products sold worldwide.

Rooms XML is one of the most popular accommodation distribution system designed for travel companies. As the name says, it is specialized in offering accommodation which is cost-effective because it operates with various suppliers and achieves cheaper prices.
Thus, what roomsXML can offer you are the best net rates of the rooms with a real time access and the possibility to filter them within thousands of destinations.

Why RoomsXML

• Offers 77,475 global properties (3-star and above)
• Hotels from thousands of destinations around the world
• Recognized by ISO 9001:2008 certification
• Declared the best innovative product
• Helps you spread to new markets at a lower cost
• Provides high quality multimedia (high quality hotel images, hotel videos)

Advantages of integrating Lemax with RoomsXML

• Wider offer for your clients
• Increase direct sales as well as sales through B2B and B2C website
Time saving (no need to enter everything manually in the system)
• Enjoy complete control
• Decrease administration costs
• XML feed can incorporate the entire roomsXML inventory, or just the inventory in a specific destination or for a specific product
• Booking directly from the travel software’s user interface
• Combination of different sources showing the best offers
• Continous content update and latest travel product changes

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