Lemax Software integration with Hotelbeds


What is Hotelbeds?

Hotelbedsis a global 3rd party provider that enables travel agencies and tour operators to directly book and pay for the services wanted. It combines hotels all around the world in one place.

Lemax Software is integrated with Hotelbeds through their API and allows travel companies to book and make reservations directly out from the back office system. The interface is the same which makes work easier and quicker!

Of course, all documents you need for your client can be created out from the back office and sent by email directly. But not only can you directly book through the back office, your customers can book and pay also online because Lemax is connected to your web page. This is making your offer better!

The description, price, and availability are automatically taken from the hotelbeds, so no worries about that! Also, the reservation you make is immidiately reported to hotelbeds and mistakes are eliminated.

Why Hotelbeds

  • A leading portfolio of over 180,000 hotels across 185 countries.
  • Selling 14 million room nights per annum.
  • Active in over 140 source markets worldwide.
  • Excellence in technology with a focus on constant innovation.
  • Consistent double digit annual growth over the last 10 years

Advantages of integration Lemax with Hotelbeds

  • Saves time (no need to enter all of the data into the system)
  • Enhances your offer giving your customers what they want
  • Easy to work with
  • Bookings are made directly from travel software’s user interface
  • Gives you the best available prices by combining different sources
  • Saves money by extracting the top value
  • Provides automatic content update and latest travel products changes

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