Perfect travel newsletter guide

Tourists are subscribed to many different travel agency and tour operator company newsletters, but the problem that occurs here is –they are ALL THE SAME?!

You can see the percentage of opened and clicked ones in the travel industry. Read what you have to include to make your newsletter shine and get more clicks!

newsletter statistics for travel

A good subject line!

This is the most important thing when writing a newsletter! It’s the reason why tourists open or delete your email! Think carefully when writing it and keep the reader in mind, what his interest might be!
It should be:
•    Short (50 characters or less)
•    Personalized

•    Thousands of exclamation marks!

Your logo and a short introduction

The newsletter must be loyal to your brand image – the person must become aware of who the sender is right after opening the newsletter!
If you want, you can also include an introduction but if so, it should be short and simple!

logo and introduction in a travel newsletter

Quality Content

Don’t make a newsletter just to make it. Think of the benefits for the reader!
Here are some things it can contain:
•    Teasers for some new business change or upgrade
•    Tips
•    Information located on your business website
•    Promotional ads (coupons, discounts and upcoming offers)
•    Press Releases
•    Latest products/services
•    Links to blog articles

Blog articles in a travel newsletter

Attractive images

Using images makes your newsletter easier to look at and read it.
Important! Use the alt-text tag. The alt-text tag names your images so if they don’t display, readers see the title instead, giving them an understanding of what should have been there.

Social media shares

Make sure you’re linking to your social media sites in your newsletter, whether you’re just promoting that you have a page, or encourage friends and followers to share your stories.

social media shares in travel newsletters

Call To Action!

CTA is the most important part after your audience opens the email.
This has to be something that makes your audience want to click and get to your blog or webpage!

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