What is the first step of implementing a travel software? Company’s culture!

Implementing travel software isn’t a one-time deal, it’s a continuous process that needs to be accepted by the whole organization. It’s difficult for a company to adopt new travel software if a different one, or none at all, was used previously.  Looking from the business perspective, we wrote about training your staff for using travel software, but from a larger perspective, a company’s culture is the foundation for implementing travel software. The company’s culture directly affects employees that will work with the travel software and must not be ignored.

Creating a learning culture

A travel software solution is much more than a new software package. The basic step of creating this kind of learning environment and a learning culture is the company hiring employees who are willing to learn constantly and are not afraid of changes. After securing good employees, the company should foster communication and give them the goal of the implementation. If the goal is good enough, everyone will be able to identify themselves with it, work together as a team and look in the same direction.

Defining goals

What makes good goals? Goals must be comprehensible and easy to understand, measurable, motivating, realistic and achievable!

Sharing knowledge

So, the success of the implementation depends on the culture where employees want to share their knowledge with others. However, many employees are skeptical towards sharing information because of fear of losing their jobs that they can perform by themselves. Also, many employees think that the methods they are doing right now, are just fine and need no correction. Therefore, it is important to show employees the benefits of the new travel software (and the lacks of the old process).

In the business world, it’s easier to implement a software in a company where employees were not using any software, because they are getting something better and quicker than what they were using before. In companies where different travel software was used, people are skeptical and it’s harder for them to begin using the new software. They are used to some routines and often don’t see a purpose in learning „the same thing“ again. Employees must see that the implementation of the travel software is actually an opportunity for them to grow and increase their knowledge.

Friendly environment

The company should create an environment where it’s desirable to interact with each other and to share information, not keeping it only for themselves. Implementing a travel software includes thinking, methods of doing business and the way employees interact with each other, and this is what we call company’s culture.

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